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Egg foo

Funny were the messages from family and friends who had opted for the sunny south. They looked eagerly at the Dutch summer weather because it was hot there so terrible. The heat cripple and took away all energy. Too hot for trips to hot for city tours.

Brown we have not made this holiday. But our friends to the south either because they were within cooling off from their air conditioning. They came, like us, a cold home.

We have great fun at the campsite in the Veluwe. What a beautiful nature. Links from the site you ran as a mystical primeval forest. Right, so far could reach the eye, beautiful moorland that stained to a beautiful deep purple in August. I had just been so seen.

Enthused by the social network at the camp we decided to go to Croatia next year. If people go 15 years in a row to which must be something special. We’ll talk about for the long ride to the sun.
And for those at home: Worse than this year it can not be. Right?

To forget this summer, when comforting a sunny rice dish.

Egg foo young for four people


4 eggs
100 grams of bean sprouts
Two chicken breasts
Six surimi sticks
150 grams of mushrooms
One small can of peas
One jar of sour red sauce
coffee cream
Two chicken bouillon cubes
salt and pepper


Cook the chicken for 10 minutes in water with chicken bouillon cubes and cut them into pieces. Cook the rice in the broth and add the drained peas to it. Keep it warm in a sleeping bag or even better in a Hay Madam ( Beat the eggs with a dash of coffee cream and salt and pepper. Slice the mushrooms and surimi sticks into slices and put them together with pieces of chicken and bean sprouts, with the egg mixture. Fry fourth round of omelets. Heat the sweet and sour sauce and serve foods with rice and hot sauce. Serve with crackers.

Summer stew with meatballs

In my youth was a computer device that filled an average living room with ease. It had something to do with automation in business. And when my husband announced 20 years ago that he was going to buy a computer for his records and appointments, I found it a waste of money. The information you could still also keep a notebook? I saw no advantage in it.

And look at me now! What a convenience offers a computer. He is with us even in the living room. We administer our Web site join our selling cooking utensils, reading and answering e-mails, and I write it with my cooking classes. One mail to the editors and ready. Dictionaries and encyclopedias are instantly obsolete. I would not go a day without it.

For the preparation of the holiday, he is indispensable. Find fun destinations. Information and reviews on camping read. Compare prices and book online. Routes conception, search overnight camping, travel information gathering and print recipes. With a few clicks, you can Google Maps and Street View, even walking down the street which is your campsite. You do not have your seat more out.
Mind you the following problem arises. Will the laptop or not on vacation? More and more campsites offer WiFi or have an internet room. Is the essence of camping not lost? Relax in nature without being confronted with the homefront, world politics or the crisis? Increasingly you are neighbors with their laptops on your lap and heard the cry: “Neighbor, what is the weather like today? Have you looked on the radar? “And the connection problems and the best reception areas to be discussed at the washing place. I am afraid there is no escape is on.

So, on to the modern camping. But remember: every laptop has a power button!

In anticipation of the new camping season, already about two months, a super delicious stew with summer vegetables, which also tastes great on holiday.

Summer stew with meatballs for four people


750 grams of potatoes, diced
400 grams of beans, chopped
One bell pepper
1 onion
Two cloves garlic
One jar of white beans
500 grams of minced meat
100g blue vein cheese
Two tablespoons chopped chives
1 teaspoon sambal
One teaspoon mustard
a dash of soy sauce
salt and pepper
frying butter


Boil the potatoes with salt, cooked in water and add the pieces of string beans after 10 minutes. Rinse the white beans with water and drain well. Cut the peppers, onion and garlic into small pieces. Fry them in a little olive oil until translucent. Add to taste some pepper. Mix the meat with the crumbled cheese, chives, chili, mustard and a dash of soy sauce. Make meatballs and fry them in a skillet until brown and tender. Deglaze the sauce with a little water. Make a stew of potatoes and string beans and stir than the other vegetables at.

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