Avoid car battery dies this winter

In winter, your car battery could need some extra attention. The cold starting problems may occur more rapidly and even the best car batteries has problems. Therefore, we have some tips that you can watch.

The battery of your car has suffered a lot in the winter. Extreme temperatures, namely, have a significant influence on the conductivity of the electrolyte. This is the mixture of water and salt that is in the battery. Especially when it is freezing outside, go there more batteries piece than on an average day. It is therefore recommended always to keep jumper cables in your car.

Starting with jumper cables

It will not be long before the first frost to reach our country. That means sleeping outside quadricycles must be in good condition. The battery is perhaps the most crucial part.

The development of batteries is fast, they are getting better and are less likely to play. There are thousands of people who want to go to work and cursing find that the battery is empty. A battery is just like a hard drive a life (approximately 4-6 years) and will therefore not work forever. Especially in winter, the risk of a broken/dead battery size. Subzero real power source provides only two-thirds of its capacity. With these tips, you give the battery a good old age.

Check your battery

Prevention is better than cure, your battery check regularly. With a voltmeter, you check if there is enough voltage is applied. In a rotating motor is a voltage of about 14 volts is desired. If the value is much lower than it is likely that there is something wrong with the alternator or battery. Also, check the age of the black box, batteries older than four years move into the danger zone.

Maintain your battery

Make sure you keep your battery clean and dry, which prevents leaks and prolongs its life. When your battery contains lead acid, here is maintenance-free. It is handy to check the liquid level every year, just like you do with the oil. Refilling can, if necessary, at the most garages. Unfortunately, not to open all accumulators, in that case, replacing the single remedy.

Avoid short journeys

Rides shorter than half an hour are not good for the battery. Before that time, namely, the battery does not reach operating temperature and charging yet, or only partially possible. Cars than many small distances driving charge the battery even barely. That goes on at length to cause problems.

Do a warm-up

It sounds strange but healthy battery life longer with morning gymnastics. If you for starting your lamps just three minutes later burn the battery will all work a fine sweat. Because as he is at operating temperature, there will be made a higher starting current and tried less wear.

Your start-stop system

A start-stop system demands on the battery. At each start must be done a surge again. Despite the fact that cars with this system have a battery which is apt, you can do it in the winter but better off. Many start-stop systems do this by itself. Otherwise, you can always do it manually.

Hang your battery charger

Do not you use the car for a long time? Hang the battery pack to a trickle. This avoids that he’s deflated thereby breaks. Even if you have many short journeys, or more often by bike is it’s convenient your battery occasionally to recharge with a charger. Your car in parking is always good; it gets cold no control over your battery.

Take a spare battery with

Do you want security? Bring along a spare battery and jumper cables. So you can always start your car with a second battery. Who thinks he can push we need to disappoint his car. The heavier alternators and higher vehicle weights today you have a lot of spinach to eat before going to work. When a machine is, by definition, already a lost cause.

Small tips

TIP 1 buttons off at exit

When the engine is not running, the electrical systems in your vehicle a heavy load on the battery. Therefore, as far as possible try the lights, radio, or turn off the air conditioning when the engine is off.

TIP 2 also let your car get out

Even short trips require a relatively large battery. It is, therefore, a good idea to run frequently longer pieces with your car (at least 10km), so the battery once fully recharge.

TIP 3 Too much rest gives unrest

If you do not use your vehicle more than a month, then it is a good idea to charge the battery fully. Then disconnect the battery cables and store in a dry place.

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