Renting canopy – Your excellent partner in achieving your events!

Canopies are your partner of the choice event. The canopy must be flexible and adapt to any size of the event.

The possibilities of offers and arrangements are endless and suitable to any context of the event, any style, and occasion. Whether a country wedding, an outdoor baptism, a carnival, a festival blockbuster, a corporate party, a 5-7 promotional, of a sellout, a sporting event or cultural activity of all kinds, it can all satisfy us. There are also cheap popup canopies for sale

There are many providers that are committed to providing quality equipment ranging from canopy “small kiosk” in “mega canopy” format that will be at the height of the seal of quality that you want to apply to your event. Safety is a priority; the proposed capitals are of recent manufacture and in excellent condition and cleanliness and still conform.

Content of the article:

  • Structure of Canopy
  • Rent
  • Planning and Advice
  • ADVICE for choosing canopy

Construction of Canopy

The structures consist of a movable metal frame of anodized aluminum. Many opportunities are offered through a very sophisticated equipment, dedicated to a scalable architecture. The modular design of 5m by 5m in length and high security.

The canopy is covered in tarps or rigid walls PVC, plywood or painted steel, resistant to all climates. The walls and roofs are usually white, but other colors are available to choose from. The apertures may be on all sides as required.

For comfort, we suggest a PLC inside or parquetry floor for the canopy. The structures are typically able to adapt to the configuration of the ground and the environment.

Many providers offer a broad range of canopy. The canopy of 200 seats in the canopy “supergiant” that can provide up to 5000 seats.

PLC hardware will always be of high quality and complies with current safety standards CTS. We advise you in choosing the equipment best suited to your goals. It can also tell you about his experience in the management of the internal surfaces (implementation consulting, arrangement under the canopy to optimize security and the movement of persons)


  • Rental in number: for concerts, galas, receptions. The surface is calculated the number of guests (200 to 5,000 or more)
  • Location on the surface: for trade shows, fairs, and exhibitions, the calculation is based on the available area.
  • Rental numerous accessories: interior lighting, heating, and ventilation with forced air, light, sound.

Planning and Advice

Since the aspects to consider in the successful realization of your event projects are many, here is a list of details to assess questions that will linger the appropriate and efficient event planning.

  • Assessment and space available?
  • What kind of land have you available?
  • Is it grass, gravel, asphalt or paved, flat, bumpy or uneven?
  • What is the available area?
  • What are the peculiarities of the development? For example, is there an element to cover in whole or in part, as a movable stage, a deck or patio residence?
  • Is a floor required?
  • Assessment of the required canopy size
  • What is the expected number of guests?
  • For the banquet, are appropriate tables round or rectangular?
  • Various elements to position or where canopy can be added:

Are you planning area:

  • A scene?
  • A dance floor?
  • A bar?
  • A reception area or registration?
  • An area reserved for service staff or caterer?
  • an area reserved for meal preparation? (We suggest a different canopy reception canopy for any cooking
  • operation to avoid inconveniencing your guests.)
  • a children’s play area?
  • Do you anticipate the presentation of an exhibition or any commercial activity?
  • What should you expose under the canopy and in what quantity?
  • What are the expected number of exhibitors and the size of the proposed exhibit booths?
  • Will you introduce participants under separate capitals or a roof?

Other examples of accessories and amenities offered: Will you need:

  • Toilet?
  • A heating system?
  • Of illumination elements?
  • A stereo?
  • Cooking facilities (BBQ, barbecue, oven, etc.)?

The possibilities are endless! It’s up to you to send us your requirements, and our team will ensure the successful realization of your event!

ADVICE for choosing canopy

For canopy and structures:

  • Provide 1 m per seat
  • Provide 0.50 m per person standing

To dance: 30m track for 100 people.

For buffet/cocktail 100 people: account for 6 m per person at least

Hope you find useful information for your choice. Good luck!


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