The best self propelled lawn mower and how to sharpen the blades.

The best self propelled lawn mowers

If you are looking for the lawn mower which receives the highest ratings in general, regardless of the style or brand mower, we can offer some consumer-oriented reviewers explanation of their top picks. The Consumer Search website provides an overview of the entire board of the best lawn mowers from a number of known sources, including Consumer Reports, Popular Mechanics, Good Housekeeping and other niche review publications, online and in print.


Toro e-Cycler

According to Consumer Search, Toro e-Cycler is the best cordless electric lawn mower you can buy. The mower is powered by a 36-volt battery. Its blades stand out compared with most mowers, and can be adjusted to a height of 4 cm. In addition, the e-biker and the mulching function works well, start smoothly and peaceful general operation. Among the disadvantages, the e-Cycler is quite heavy and has a complicated height.

Honda HRX217K2HXA

Honda HRX217K2HXA model qualifies as the best self propelled lawn mower, according to Consumer Search. Additionally, JD Power and Associates authorized Honda as the best all-around walk-behind lawn mower manufacturer in 2010. It runs silently and is quite efficient. The mower is CARB certified for having low emissions. Features include a variable cruise control function, mulch and collection options and a brake that stops the blade without interrupting the engine. However, gas powered Honda leader has a handle that some testers found too long, it produces a drain at the back and some found its self-propelled motion too slow.

Toro Recycler 20 332

Listed by Consumer Search as the best budget mower, the Toro Recycler 20 332 features a peppy speed limit as well as a “personal time” drive. Testers found it easy to switch between modes when operating the Toro Recycler. Among its drawbacks, the Recycler does not have a blade brake and its mulching received mixed reviews from testers. Tall testers found the handle uncomfortably short.

Lawn-Boy 10645

Won the “best push lawn mower” distinction by Consumer Search, the Lawn-Boy 10645 has an above average mulching. Its side-discharge operation is excellent and comes with an optional gutter. For the mower weaknesses, it did not have the same degree of reliability as a display for other models tested. The steel deck structure showed itself to be susceptible to rust. Like many of the tested mowers, height controls the Lawn Boy were complicated and somewhat difficult to use.


DIY: How To Sharpen The Lawn Mower Blades

A reel lawn mower is a walk-behind lawn mower that uses no gasoline engine or electric motor. Instead, to rotate the spiral vanes directed against the cutter bar by the forward movement of the front wheels. This makes the reel lawn mower an environmentally friendly choice for gardeners. The blades should be sharpened regularly, so that the grass is cut off instead of tearing. You can use a drill and paste some grinding on the blades for DIY reel lawn mower sharpening.


• Place the reel lawn mower on a work table. Remove the handle of the lawn mower. Turn the lawn mower on its left wheel.

• Remove the C-clip keeps the right wheel on the shaft by prying the clip with a flat screw driver. Lift lay the wheel of the axle, and to one side.

• Remove the drive gear of the drive shaft which is located behind the wheel.

• Apply a large amount of sharpening paste of a reel mower sharpening kit on the edges of the five blades.

• Attach a 16mm socket in the chuck of a cordless drill. Put the drill direction to reverse.

• Put the cap on the drive that you removed in Step 3. Press the trigger at about half speed. The blades rotate in reverse, honing the cutting edges of the blades against the cutter bar. Keep honing the blades for about five minutes.


• Add more sharpening paste on each sheet. Spin the blades in the reverse with the drill for five minutes.

• Wipe off any excess sharpening paste on the blades with a paper towel.

• Place the drive gear of the lawn mower. Replace the right wheel. Close the handle.

• Take the lawn mower to the lawn and make a test cut. The mower will cut the grass cleanly and evenly with his sharpened knives.

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