Carrier Oils Can be mixed with Essential Oils.

Carrier oils are vegetables that have been gotten from the plant’s fatty portion which are usually found in seeds, nuts, and also kernels. When you apply essential oils to skin, but did not dilute them, CO2s and aromatics can lead to irritation or reactions that happen to people. These carrier oils are added to essential oils to dilute them before applying them topically. They are called carrier oils because their purpose is to carry the essential oil onto the skin. Each carrier oil gives a different combination that are composed of therapeutic properties. The kind of carrier oil that you choose will depend on what benefit you want to get from it. Make sure to buy the best ultrasonic diffuser if you want everyone to really smell the fragrance of the essential oil.  

What makes essential oils and carrier oils different from each other?

Essential oils come from distillation of leaves, roots, bark, and portions of botanicals that can produce aroma. Essential oils evaporate into the air and their smell is concentrated. When talking about essential oils, they come from the fatty parts and they do not go through evaporation that will make their aroma come out like essential oils. Unlike carrier oils, essential oils do not get rancid at all because they oxidize and the therapeutic benefits they can give are gone.

How do carrier oils smell like?

There are essential oils that do not have any odor, but most of them are a bit sweet and have a nutty aroma to them. If the carrier oil already smells strong and bitter, there is a big possibility that the carrier oil is already rancid.

When looking for carrier oils

There has been a change in trend, but most of the vegetable oils that you can buy from stores did not go through a cold process because heat was used to process them. If you want to buy fresh carrier oils that can bring a lot of nourishment, buy from stores with retailers and suppliers that specifically sell aromatherapy or ingredients that are good for natural skin care.

  • The processing method – Look for carrier oils that went through cold pressing or have been pressed using a cold expeller. This means that the oil came from the botanical plant’s fatty portion without added heat. The process will still be able to generate heat because of the friction caused by the process, but oils that went under cold pressing are processed under conditions with a minimum level of heat. Oils that only say expeller pressed were not processed to keep the level of heat at a minimum. When the processing of oils do not involve cool conditions, the degree with high temperature and the duration of the processing method have the tendency to harm the nutrients in the oil that are fragile.
  • Nutrients in carrier oils – Carrier oils have fat soluble vitamins, minerals, and certain nutrients. Seabuckthorn Berry Oil, for instance, contains a high beta carotene ratio making the color orange very vivid in oils. Oils that naturally have tocopherols are good anti-oxidants which can help the skin and extends the oil’s shelf life.
  • Essential fatty acids – These are acids that our body cannot produce and should be gotten from diets. If you apply them topically, they add nourishment to the skin. Carrier oils have different ratios and the EFAs that are in them. EFAs are an added benefit to the skin, but there is a tendency for them to make oil more fragile making it prone to becoming rancid right away.
  • Price of the carrier oil – They can have different prices because of some factors like which botanical it came from, the process it went through, if it is organically made, how much you are buying, and where you are buying it from.
  • The aroma of the carrier oil – How the essential oil smells like can either counteract or compete with the essential oil that you are mixing it with.
  • Absorption – This evaluation is used subjectively on how good or quickly the oil can infiltrate the skin and if it will make the skin feel oily after it has been applied.
  • The shelf life of the carrier oil – How long carrier oils last vary before they undergo oxidation and then become rancid. When you buy carrier oils, make a good estimate of how much essential oil you are going to use within how long the oil is going to last so you will know the exact amount that you will need.


These carrier oils were made to help make essential oils less potent because they are too strong for humans when topically applied. Make sure to only buy carrier oils that do not contain any synthetic components because that can cause irritation to humans as well.

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