Vacuum sealer packaging tips.

The ideal for storing food is to buy everything we need in advanced and with a vacuum sealer, you can keep and preserve all the nutritional properties of the food we buy, for much longer.

The vacuum packaging process is to remove the air inside the bag where we will pack the food and seal it after removing the air.

Vacuum Sealer

Its function is to lengthen shelf life of both raw and cooked foods and always keep them at optimal temperatures.

The advantage of vacuum packaging is that food does not come into contact with the ice because you freeze them from the outside packing bags which will extend the freshness of your food up to 4 times.

Tips for vacuum packaging:

The temperature must be taken into account and we advise you that except for food which can be preserved at room temperature, such as beans, rice, flour, etc … others have to be kept in cold storage or in the refrigerator or freezer.

When evacuating both red meat and white, the formation of ice crystals is prevented and you can avoid dehydration and burns produced by cold.

For our food is packaged in the best conditions, the ideal is to pack them when they are as fresh as possible. It means that you should not pack food that has been bought over a day for the fish and more than three days for meats. If we wait longer for packaging, polluting process will have already begun and we can not stop them.

How do we pack food with a vacuum sealer?

Vacuum packaging is a method that helps us to keep our food longer and in perfect condition. On occasions, we buy and consume a greater amount of food than the rest of the year, so it has to be properly preserved.

Vacuum packaging is really useful to organize packages in the refrigerator or freezer. Besides using more space, we avoid frost which forms in foods, burns and smells and flavors blend with each other. In today’s article, we show the benefits of packaging with a vacuum sealer which is durable and safe use.

We insert the food we want to pack in a bag. In this case, we should not pack some cod and fillets, which were on offer at the supermarket. Packing them when they are fresh, they can be kept in good condition for longer.

The machine has a liquid collection tray. So, we avoid liquid foods such as fresh fish or meat to go inside the machine and damage the vacuum pump. This does not mean you can pack liquids like soups or sauces (for it is better to freeze them and then place them in the vaccum sealer). It is a way to protect the pump.

We proceed to pack the bag. We just have to press the start button and the machine does all the work automatically: close the lid, make the vacuum and the end of the process, releases a beep. The sealing takes extra width of 3 mm, thus provides maximum safety for our food and ensures safe and durable packaging.

Now we pack a shortbread. At the end of Christmas, we may have some left over. By packing them, we will increase the shelf life and maintain its organoleptic properties such as taste, texture and color longer.

These foods are therefore fragile. Always follow the manual of the vacuum sealer to prevent breakage or squashed. We just have to press the start button. While the button is pressed, the machine does the vacuum and you can visually control the process. When we removed the desired amount of air, press the button seal to do the sealing.

The vacuum sealer incorporates a multifunction digital display that lets you configure a variable sealing time, it adapts to what we want to seal. Thus, if we want to pack many bags in a small period of time, we can accelerate the process of sealing the bag without burning.

Your vacuum sealer should be equipped with a compatible holder accommodation with rolls. Thus, it is much easier and faster to use the rolls, because the machine has scissors to expedite the work. Keep in mind that we have an extensive range of embossed bags for the vacuum sealer that cater to each of our needs.

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