Will you let me camp in the garden of your house?.

If it’s hot car or house share, why not do the same with your own garden? A twist to the traditional way of camping, without recourse to facilities or private premises and with a guarantee of trust between anonymous contacting via a digital platform in order to provide ‘low cost’ accommodation and at the same time increase their circle of friends.

Joseph Leopold, a Frenchman aged 25, is the owner of this unique idea. Returning home from a trip to Italy, he found he had no keys to access it. The only solution he could think was camping in his own garden and fascinated by the experience, he tried to convince travelers that they began to develop this practice regularly.

This curious unforeseen Gamping, a platform that exploits this new paradigm of housing and aims to help the greatest number of people looking to stay in other cities, as economically and quietly born.

The term comes from the union of two words, ‘garden’ (garden) and ‘camping’, and consists of camping with your tent or your caravan in a particular field. Do not confuse this with the new name ‘glamping’, which refers to tourism that is carried out in luxury campsites with all amenities. With ‘Gamping’ you not only can reserve a plot in the house of another person anywhere in the world, but you can also earn some money, not much, for days renting your own soil outdoors.

Operation of the initiative

The project is based on the principle of collaborative consumption, just as other operating platforms such as Couchsurfing to find sofa or sharing trip around the world, to share costs on road trips, among many other applications. Gamping connected to campers and people willing to offer their garden worldwide.

People who have a private garden can put an ad, totally free, indicating the services included in your ‘offer’ camp, as some individuals have accessories like barbecue, tennis court or swimming pool, for example, and others only offer the possibility of placing the tent and use the bathroom inside the house.

Tourists interested in the description may contact freely with the host through the website and the business transaction will be made directly upon arrival at the chosen destination. Prices are set freely, taking into account the characteristics of each garden, but usually around 15 euros per night. However, most of the people who collaborate with the initiative, altruistically involved following the philosophy of collaborative economy.

Locations worldwide

Since it was conceived in 2013, ‘Gamping’ has been a growing phenomenon that has gained thousands of followers and has become the trend that is sweeping Europe. What began as a simple personal story, it has given rise to a French startup that today has about 500 hosts that offer more than 1,200 spaces in which to place the tents and campers.

The owners of houses with gardens are the ideal profiles to become suppliers of this platform. The phenomenon has arrived in Spain and although it is developing more slowly than elsewhere, so far there have been 15 hosts that offer the possibility of using more than 40 own spaces. Worldwide, the impact has been greater and accommodations can be found in France, Italy, Portugal, England, USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Costa Rica, Tunisia, Kenya, Poland, Belgium, Burkina Faso, Uruguay and Romania.

To ensure a minimum quality to campers, the system allows no more than six simultaneous reservations or more than twenty people staying overnight while in the grounds.

If you decide to be a ‘gampler’, a term that has already begun to call users of this website, you can choose your favorite international geography to relax, either ocean, mountain, country or city. It also allows you to expand your circle of friends to welcome people from all over the world, offers you the chance to earn extra money and rebound, also Publicitas your town or province, and you generate a new tourism to teach your guests the most prominent places for the region.

So now, why do not go to choose some tents for sale, some utensils, invite your friends and begin your trip. We are sure you will have so much fun in the garden of someone. Enjoy!

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