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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Electric or gasoline lawn mowers

In this article, I will give you information about the most two popular kinds of law mowers. There is alsself-propelleded mower. View self propelled mower reviews here

Electric lawnmowers

The classic lawn mowers, in many garages and tool sheds, are electric lawn mowers parked. Why do so many homeowners keep these models, you’ll discover here? Moreover, you also read the disadvantages these lawnmowers.

Advantages and disadvantages of electric mowers

Electric lawn mowers compared to other lawn mowers, as gasoline mowers or garden tractors:

  • cheaper
  • light
  • quiet
  • easy to drive
  • environmentally friendly
  • easy to start with a jump lead
  • not as strong as gas lawnmowers
  • wired, awkward with lots of trees, shrubs and flowers
  • not as high as gasoline lawn mowers, but often more powerful than cordless lawnmowers
  • and only suitable for tall grass and extensive gardens as they are very high-quality copies.

Electric lawnmowers maintained and hibernate

If you want your lawn mower mows well for a long time, you have to maintain it well. Below we give some important maintenance tips.

Tips for cleaning

In general, but especially after the last use, the mower should be thoroughly cleaned. To the housing-sided adhesive grass residues are removed with a wooden or plastic spatula. By grass clippings at the outlet of the cooling fins of the cylinder is a fire hazard.

Who used the garden hose for cleaning, make sure that no damage to the jet engine parts, seals or bearings.

Spray the inside of the housing with a suitable maintenance spray. As a result, the adhesion of grass clippings is counteracted, and it greatly facilitates maintenance.

To reach directly at the start of next season optimum cutting results, you need to sharpen lawnmower blades at an authorized workshop. Lawnmower Blades should be sharpened after about 25 hours.
Winter storage for lawn mower

Before you start maintenance work, pull out the power plug for safety.
Find the manual of your lawn mower and keep up the maintenance instructions for your model.

Cordless Lawnmower save properly

The storehouse of your lawn mower must dust free, dry and lawnmowers with a battery be frost. For example, save your electric lawn mower in a shed. Covering the lawn mower is also recommended and prevents contamination by dust.

Gasoline lawn mowers

The powerhouse among the mowers: here we have information and tips on gasoline lawnmowers collected for you!

Advantages and disadvantages of petrol lawnmowers

  • Petrol-driven lawnmowers are very powerful and are therefore suitable for large lawns, more than 200 m2
    can cut very high grass by their high speed
  • are not dependent on battery chargers and power supply, which provides a basic practical cable liberty
  • are very loud
  • emit exhaust fumes
  • and are often heavy and therefore not easy to drive.

Important parts of the machine

Gasoline mowers are differentiated by their start technique:

  • Hand Starter: by pulling firmly on the starter cord will start the mower via the start axis.
  • Electric starter: quality models feature an electric starter. This is a built-in battery generates the necessary ignition energy and therefore often makes it difficult to pull the starter rope easier. High-grade petrol lawnmowers are equipped with wheel drive, pushing the mower facilitates enormously.

Gasoline lawn maintenance

Maintain your lawnmower properly so that it remains well reap a long time. Below we give you valuable maintenance tips.

Tips for cleaning

In general, the mower should be cleaned. But especially after the last use the dirt to be removed. Grass clippings adhering to the housing can be removed with a wooden or plastic spatula. By grass clippings at the outlet of the cooling fins of the cylinder is a fire hazard. Here you have to be extra thorough cleaning.

Who used the garden hose for cleaning, make sure that no damage to the jet engine parts, seals or bearings. Spray the inside of the housing with a suitable maintenance spray. As a result, the adhesion of grass clippings is counteracted, and it greatly facilitates maintenance.

To reach directly at the start of next season optimum cutting results, you need to sharpen lawnmower blades at an authorized workshop. Lawnmower Blades should be sharpened after about 25 hours.

Winter storage for lawn mower

Before you start maintenance work, pull the spark plug cap from the spark plug for safety.
Find the manual of your lawn mower and keep up the maintenance instructions for your model.
For the winter break you have to completely empty the tank as the fuel in the winter loses its initial properties.
In winter, the machine is admittedly not used, but still you need for hibernation check the oil level. You may need to refresh or to change its oil in the workshop. If you do it yourself, it is important to stick to the instructions and use the recommended engine oil.

Petrol Lawnmower store

The storage of your gas lawn mower must dust free, dry and lawnmowers with a starting battery be frost. For example, save your petrol lawn mower in a shed. A cover over the garden machine prevents dust from entering.

Best Memory Foam Mattress Topper Reviews


We spend 1/3 of your life in bed, but at 99.9% do not know what is the best mattress for your body. That’s because we do not know what to choose the standard cushions and select inconsiderately. According to industry associations Interior explained, the bed will lose 70% of its value after ten years of use while the manufacturer warns that, like marriage, the bed will start devalued after seven years of continuous use.

The introduction “winged”, tied to health, with the feeling of using celebrities in fact just the advertisement but absolutely no evidence. A bad mattress can cause more severe backache but whether it can cause back pain? I’m not sure that there is no scientific evidence to say about this. The fact that the back pain is not merely due to lying in bed – it was involved, with twisted posture or lifting objects. However, the concept of back pain is hard to bed very wrong. It depends on your weight, height and age of each person in fact.

So what kind of mattress optimization?

A foam cushion filled with water and will affect the symptoms, evidence of the power back and sleep in a positive direction than the firm mattress. But the difference is quite small.

According to sleep experts, a good mattress should be very dynamic, i.e., different shapes should like wave power, arranged horizontally and attached to the spine. It means that when you come alone, the mattress must move in waves and do not affect people is next. But that is still not all, what is important is the mattress is, the body does not appear the imprint.

What to consider when choosing Mattress for Hot Sleepers?

When a lot of people choose mattresses and they were so confused. How to choose the best mattress and which one for healthy families. Currently mattress types on the market are very diverse as Padding Cushion, spring mattresses, cushions Activated carbon. Wave flipped … But not any mattress healthy strengthens your family. This article introduces for you to select the best memory foam mattress topper reviews which create an appropriate night for good health.

  • Let’s buy mattress along with who will share a bed with you.
  • If one of two people weighing approximately 20kg more than the other, the need to stay separate mattress. Heavier people need a night with tension “sharp” than underweight.
  • Do not go shopping when you’re tired mattress while all types are the excellent cushion.
  • Mattresses need 10-15cm thick.
  • Check the mattress by lying upright. If it has major flaws too hard then there is no mattress, it is too soft.
  • Consider your budget how much money to buy mattress


This is the first thing that families make when you decide to use a certain product and the decision to buy mattresses, used for summer and winter so well. Compared to the use of other types of mattress, the cost of purchasing the mattress 8-inch memory mattress is very different for each product. Each row is advantages and disadvantages, form and quality, ranging from budget to high-end type, ranging from family-friendly to the kind of hotel for … You should consider the products from the company’s reputation for high-priced products; the quality is usually very good, there are many more advantages, quality assurance, style, color, and diversity.

Selection mattress styles by interior decoration in your house

Give your bedroom a little family impression and comfort after a hard working day using contrasting colors with house gas blanket or similar. Suggestions for you: choose bright colors like yellow, orange … but not so bright as they would create for themselves feeling hot and stuffy when entering the room.

Please see the size bed you want to buy a mattress?

You can not put one small mattress, the type for single bed size range 1.2 m for the double bed. Similarly, you can not put a mattress for a double bed which set up one single bed. If you want to have the most comfortable sleeping, mattress needs to put so tight and fitted to the bed. Like when you lie down, the new mattress was flushed, disheveled air and discomfort. With the best price mattress 8-inch memory mattress, i think you are easy to put it to any big size bed.

See your bedroom area wide or narrow?

The size of the room more or less also affects the texture of the mattress selection. If large living room, you should choose small patterns, bold colors to ease the emptiness and create more warmth to the room. Or if a small living room, choose bright colors and textures combined with horizontal stripes, large patterns to space looks spacious and brighter.

See the special interests that bed made from exclusive fabrics.

For people who like to lie but a soft mattress, you can choose the type of night as mattress or cushions Spring Activated Carbon. And for families with relatives or spinal osteoarthritis is recommended that mattress Padding mattress Aesthetics, not just thick cushion, the cushion is good is expensive to buy the mattress. You need to check the specifications for your bed size : length, width, high… Common size bed as standard 120×190 or 150×190 is, 160×200, 180×200. Bed and a high bed heart how much to put on the bed flipped up a little higher, and the distance from the ground to the surface on a cushion of about 45cm is appropriate

The differences between natural latex and artificial latex

In the field of manufacturing all kinds of products made of rubber, such as rubber tube, rubber, latex … . Two categories which are natural rubber and synthetic rubber, There are different advantages and disadvantages suit customer use. The value of each product belongs the material for making the mattress.

Natural latex mattresses

Natural latex mattresses are made from rubber tree sap is the kind of mattress has been very much favored and trusted by customers of the cable drops of pus forms a natural high that links together to form a solid structure, undergo polymerization to form isoprene. Thus, the properties of latex are determined based on the ingredients in latex mattresses. This type is also the most popular in stores

  • Advantages: natural latex mattress is an ideal choice for those who love the environment because this product is made entirely from 100% natural, technical parameters such as elasticity, settlement, the bearing all very good. The advantage of this type of mattress is undeniable. Because it is 100% natural, there are no toxic substances such as (mercury, arsenic…) to users through skin exposure, the product after the expiration of the life can decompose spontaneously, of course, this is true regarding protecting the environment in which the product is not such artificial
  • Cons: High price, not as durable as synthetic rubber mattresses characterized by the corrosive chemical.


Artificial Latex mattresses

This type of mattress is most recommended by the advantages of durability, elasticity, settlement, bearing and affordable. Artificial latex mattresses have features equivalent to natural latex mattresses, good for health, supporting the body in a reasonable manner, creating a deep relaxing sleep, take you into a state of rest ideally.

  • Pros: Also gradually favored by the remarkable features, durability …
  • Cons: Made from synthetic rubber. Therefore, the absolute safety is not given as natural latex.
    Each type has certain advantages and disadvantages huge Agents always provide a full range of mattresses including latex mattresses natural, and synthetic rubber mattresses conform to the requirements of the customer offer.

Some Best Mattress for Hot Sleeper

In the market today, there are many reputation products but there are two very good products that I have experienced and want to share information with you, wish you will have good choices.

Best Price Mattress 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Twin

The Memory Foam Mattress, Twin used a special foam, a type of viscoelastic foam and it is called Energex. It is fresh, open high and the response to the polymer structure. Arctic Cooling Gel Mattress Dreams is a comfort level 6 on our scale or a medium plush. When you lay on it, you feel the comfort and good will support. My family has used it and I felt it really good, I really feel it is smooth in my sleep. Although my kids always jump on the mattress but after 3 years of use I saw it bounce like new, does not sink and feeling very good sleep. It really is a very reliable mattress, you will always be assured of its warranty period is 10 years, because of the quality assured because it made in U.S.A

Best Price Mattress 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress, Queen

The Unique Model Featuring with Luxurious Fabrics & Visco-Gel two layers (double)

It is a luxury type as a big hotel mattress and bed, to love it when you lay on it. It is worthy to choose a mattress type for five stars hotel. It is made by an air infusing thick memory foam top layer, it is a third layer. My friend family has 6 people and they want to have a thick mattress for your children, after thinking about consulting from sellers they decide to got it. Its specifications: The comprised of a thick layer of special 2-inch Memory Foam and a gel-infused most advanced memory foam, it will bring comfort while supporting regulate body temp sleep. The special foam makes the comfort for night sleeping. My friend told me, she has no problem about cleaning, it is easy to clean, care because it has the air-transfer technology. This special mesh will make air flow and make the mattress cool and fresh. Finally, of course you will feel no hesitate to buy because its warranty is 25 years and also has a certification by US users testified.

Best Price Mattress 8-Inch Memory Foam Mattress, King


  • It has 4 inches foam and keep the temp down.
  • Durable materials and structure; The warranty about 30 years in global.
  • It has multi-layers, Its structure is gel-infused and bring the balanced comfort.
  • It has air-flow foam (4 inches) and keep the low temperature.
  • Cut down from stress and pain; there is a set of additional complimentary pillow set



  • In any particular condition, you will need a minor smell


This mattress rather simple form and elegant, but many people love it, those who do not like the picky or demanding too much of this type of decoration is always their priority. People have large weight, they pay less attention to home care or decorative items, furniture indoors. With this product, you need to consider when buying if you want a luxurious and beautiful bedrooms. It has a queen logo and the quality of this mattress that manufacturers want to bring you. A product of class, comfort and softness least serve as queen. You’ll enjoy this product.

Final Thoughts

Despite choose mattress type, performance, please always consult the advice of the manufacturer as well as the advice of those who use the school has experienced before. If you want to buy the most perfect mattress, comfortable feeling and good for you health. Please consider carefully of different product vendors before buying a specific product. When a lot of people choose mattress and they were so confused. How to choose the best price mattress 8-inch memory mattress and which one for healthy families. Currently mattress types on the market are very diverse as Padding Cushion, spring mattresses, cushions Activated carbon. Wave flipped … But not any mattress healthy strengthens your family. Hopefully, from this article introduces for you to select the best mattress which create an appropriate night for good health.

Tips to use pack and play for your baby correctly.

From 4 or 5 months to 1 year old and a half, baby can taste the joys of the pack and play. In this protected, safe, extremely convenient area, early in his life, he is then free to explore and play alone. Follow our tips on how to better use it, and how to best choose according to pack and play reviews.

Content of the article:

  • Select playpen: in bars or net?
  • Details to know about the playpen
  • Used playpen
  • How to install baby in the pack and play?

Select playpen: in bars or net?

Whatever your choice, your baby must be able to play safely. For this, check that the park has well marked “consistent with security requirements”. It certifies that the product meets the NF S 54-010 standards (French GAAP) and EN 12227 (European norms) concerning childcare safety. These standards ensure its strength and the absence of dangerous parts for children (sharp edges or small parts).

Choose from two types of pack and play:

The bars pack and play: mostly wooden, it is heavy, stable, and provides good support for a baby learning to stand up (some have several levels, it is very convenient to fit the baby’s age) . It costs between 50 and 100 euros;

The net pack and play: with foam bottom, it is comfortable and pliable but does not allow baby to recover. It costs between 50 and 80 euros.

Both pack and plays can be provided with wheels and a washable rug and various shapes (square, round, or other).

Details to know about the playpen

Some things to remember:

  • the spacing of the bars must be less than or equal to 7 cm so that baby can not get caught her head
  • the height of the pack and play must be greater than 55 cm (so baby can not tip over, bending)
  • the pack and play must be stable
  • for net pens, you must know that when your baby looks through the mesh, it hard to distinguish what he observes.


  • The meal
  • Baby bottles
  • Teats
  • The sterilizer
  • The bottle warmer
  • The high chair
  • The booster
  • The pump
  • Meals accessories
  • The toilet
  • The different media changer
  • The baby bath
  • The toiletries
  • The car seats
  • The diaper bag
  • The baby gate
  • The pram
  • Stroller
  • The cot
  • The awakening and games
  • The cellphone
  • The bouncer
  • The awakening carpet
  • Toys for 0 to 6 months
  • Toys for 6 to 12 months
  • Toy 1 or 2 years
  • Toys 2-3 years

Usage tips

Install the pack and play away from drafts and a good stable ground. If your pack and plays have no bottom, install a cover to isolate your child from the cold and protect the hardness of the ground when dropped.

Your child should not be able to reach external objects when in the pack and play because it could grab it and swing the park with him.

You can put some toys in the park provided they are not too big for a big teddy could serve him walking distance.

Finally, never leave your child unattended.

How to place the baby in the pack and play?

The ideal age to put your baby in the park is around 8-9 months. This is the time when baby starts to move and play alone.
You can install the park in every room of your home. Preferably near your living room. Baby is so safe while you go about your business. Keep talking to him from time to time, even if you do not mind him baby will get all the attention it needs.

If baby does not turn yet, raise his head and block possibly with a cushion. Place a blanket at the back if you find it a bit hard. You can also protect the bars with a padded park ride.

If your baby knows to turn, let the bottom of the park to clear baby has room to do his movements.

Do not forget the toys: an awakening ark, rattles … and of course the baby blanket. He can play well but also sleep.

Our tips: Do not let all the same baby for hours in the park, he needs to be with you too!

Install the pack and play in a place where your baby is not likely to catch a vase or other object while rising on tiptoe!

Do not leave large toys inside the playpen because the baby will not hesitate to use them to walk. Do not let either of small objects, the baby might swallow them!

The best self propelled lawn mower and how to sharpen the blades.

The best self propelled lawn mowers

If you are looking for the lawn mower which receives the highest ratings in general, regardless of the style or brand mower, we can offer some consumer-oriented reviewers explanation of their top picks. The Consumer Search website provides an overview of the entire board of the best lawn mowers from a number of known sources, including Consumer Reports, Popular Mechanics, Good Housekeeping and other niche review publications, online and in print.


Toro e-Cycler

According to Consumer Search, Toro e-Cycler is the best cordless electric lawn mower you can buy. The mower is powered by a 36-volt battery. Its blades stand out compared with most mowers, and can be adjusted to a height of 4 cm. In addition, the e-biker and the mulching function works well, start smoothly and peaceful general operation. Among the disadvantages, the e-Cycler is quite heavy and has a complicated height.

Honda HRX217K2HXA

Honda HRX217K2HXA model qualifies as the best self propelled lawn mower, according to Consumer Search. Additionally, JD Power and Associates authorized Honda as the best all-around walk-behind lawn mower manufacturer in 2010. It runs silently and is quite efficient. The mower is CARB certified for having low emissions. Features include a variable cruise control function, mulch and collection options and a brake that stops the blade without interrupting the engine. However, gas powered Honda leader has a handle that some testers found too long, it produces a drain at the back and some found its self-propelled motion too slow.

Toro Recycler 20 332

Listed by Consumer Search as the best budget mower, the Toro Recycler 20 332 features a peppy speed limit as well as a “personal time” drive. Testers found it easy to switch between modes when operating the Toro Recycler. Among its drawbacks, the Recycler does not have a blade brake and its mulching received mixed reviews from testers. Tall testers found the handle uncomfortably short.

Lawn-Boy 10645

Won the “best push lawn mower” distinction by Consumer Search, the Lawn-Boy 10645 has an above average mulching. Its side-discharge operation is excellent and comes with an optional gutter. For the mower weaknesses, it did not have the same degree of reliability as a display for other models tested. The steel deck structure showed itself to be susceptible to rust. Like many of the tested mowers, height controls the Lawn Boy were complicated and somewhat difficult to use.


DIY: How To Sharpen The Lawn Mower Blades

A reel lawn mower is a walk-behind lawn mower that uses no gasoline engine or electric motor. Instead, to rotate the spiral vanes directed against the cutter bar by the forward movement of the front wheels. This makes the reel lawn mower an environmentally friendly choice for gardeners. The blades should be sharpened regularly, so that the grass is cut off instead of tearing. You can use a drill and paste some grinding on the blades for DIY reel lawn mower sharpening.


• Place the reel lawn mower on a work table. Remove the handle of the lawn mower. Turn the lawn mower on its left wheel.

• Remove the C-clip keeps the right wheel on the shaft by prying the clip with a flat screw driver. Lift lay the wheel of the axle, and to one side.

• Remove the drive gear of the drive shaft which is located behind the wheel.

• Apply a large amount of sharpening paste of a reel mower sharpening kit on the edges of the five blades.

• Attach a 16mm socket in the chuck of a cordless drill. Put the drill direction to reverse.

• Put the cap on the drive that you removed in Step 3. Press the trigger at about half speed. The blades rotate in reverse, honing the cutting edges of the blades against the cutter bar. Keep honing the blades for about five minutes.


• Add more sharpening paste on each sheet. Spin the blades in the reverse with the drill for five minutes.

• Wipe off any excess sharpening paste on the blades with a paper towel.

• Place the drive gear of the lawn mower. Replace the right wheel. Close the handle.

• Take the lawn mower to the lawn and make a test cut. The mower will cut the grass cleanly and evenly with his sharpened knives.

Carrier Oils Can be mixed with Essential Oils.

Carrier oils are vegetables that have been gotten from the plant’s fatty portion which are usually found in seeds, nuts, and also kernels. When you apply essential oils to skin, but did not dilute them, CO2s and aromatics can lead to irritation or reactions that happen to people. These carrier oils are added to essential oils to dilute them before applying them topically. They are called carrier oils because their purpose is to carry the essential oil onto the skin. Each carrier oil gives a different combination that are composed of therapeutic properties. The kind of carrier oil that you choose will depend on what benefit you want to get from it. Make sure to buy the best ultrasonic diffuser if you want everyone to really smell the fragrance of the essential oil.  

What makes essential oils and carrier oils different from each other?

Essential oils come from distillation of leaves, roots, bark, and portions of botanicals that can produce aroma. Essential oils evaporate into the air and their smell is concentrated. When talking about essential oils, they come from the fatty parts and they do not go through evaporation that will make their aroma come out like essential oils. Unlike carrier oils, essential oils do not get rancid at all because they oxidize and the therapeutic benefits they can give are gone.

How do carrier oils smell like?

There are essential oils that do not have any odor, but most of them are a bit sweet and have a nutty aroma to them. If the carrier oil already smells strong and bitter, there is a big possibility that the carrier oil is already rancid.

When looking for carrier oils

There has been a change in trend, but most of the vegetable oils that you can buy from stores did not go through a cold process because heat was used to process them. If you want to buy fresh carrier oils that can bring a lot of nourishment, buy from stores with retailers and suppliers that specifically sell aromatherapy or ingredients that are good for natural skin care. (more…)

Vacuum sealer packaging tips.

The ideal for storing food is to buy everything we need in advanced and with a vacuum sealer, you can keep and preserve all the nutritional properties of the food we buy, for much longer.

The vacuum packaging process is to remove the air inside the bag where we will pack the food and seal it after removing the air.

Vacuum Sealer

Its function is to lengthen shelf life of both raw and cooked foods and always keep them at optimal temperatures.

The advantage of vacuum packaging is that food does not come into contact with the ice because you freeze them from the outside packing bags which will extend the freshness of your food up to 4 times.

Tips for vacuum packaging:

The temperature must be taken into account and we advise you that except for food which can be preserved at room temperature, such as beans, rice, flour, etc … others have to be kept in cold storage or in the refrigerator or freezer.

When evacuating both red meat and white, the formation of ice crystals is prevented and you can avoid dehydration and burns produced by cold.

For our food is packaged in the best conditions, the ideal is to pack them when they are as fresh as possible. It means that you should not pack food that has been bought over a day for the fish and more than three days for meats. If we wait longer for packaging, polluting process will have already begun and we can not stop them.

How do we pack food with a vacuum sealer?

Vacuum packaging is a method that helps us to keep our food longer and in perfect condition. On occasions, we buy and consume a greater amount of food than the rest of the year, so it has to be properly preserved.

Vacuum packaging is really useful to organize packages in the refrigerator or freezer. Besides using more space, we avoid frost which forms in foods, burns and smells and flavors blend with each other. In today’s article, we show the benefits of packaging with a vacuum sealer which is durable and safe use.

We insert the food we want to pack in a bag. In this case, we should not pack some cod and fillets, which were on offer at the supermarket. Packing them when they are fresh, they can be kept in good condition for longer.

The machine has a liquid collection tray. So, we avoid liquid foods such as fresh fish or meat to go inside the machine and damage the vacuum pump. This does not mean you can pack liquids like soups or sauces (for it is better to freeze them and then place them in the vaccum sealer). It is a way to protect the pump.

We proceed to pack the bag. We just have to press the start button and the machine does all the work automatically: close the lid, make the vacuum and the end of the process, releases a beep. The sealing takes extra width of 3 mm, thus provides maximum safety for our food and ensures safe and durable packaging.

Now we pack a shortbread. At the end of Christmas, we may have some left over. By packing them, we will increase the shelf life and maintain its organoleptic properties such as taste, texture and color longer.

These foods are therefore fragile. Always follow the manual of the vacuum sealer to prevent breakage or squashed. We just have to press the start button. While the button is pressed, the machine does the vacuum and you can visually control the process. When we removed the desired amount of air, press the button seal to do the sealing.

The vacuum sealer incorporates a multifunction digital display that lets you configure a variable sealing time, it adapts to what we want to seal. Thus, if we want to pack many bags in a small period of time, we can accelerate the process of sealing the bag without burning.

Your vacuum sealer should be equipped with a compatible holder accommodation with rolls. Thus, it is much easier and faster to use the rolls, because the machine has scissors to expedite the work. Keep in mind that we have an extensive range of embossed bags for the vacuum sealer that cater to each of our needs.

Will you let me camp in the garden of your house?.

If it’s hot car or house share, why not do the same with your own garden? A twist to the traditional way of camping, without recourse to facilities or private premises and with a guarantee of trust between anonymous contacting via a digital platform in order to provide ‘low cost’ accommodation and at the same time increase their circle of friends.

Joseph Leopold, a Frenchman aged 25, is the owner of this unique idea. Returning home from a trip to Italy, he found he had no keys to access it. The only solution he could think was camping in his own garden and fascinated by the experience, he tried to convince travelers that they began to develop this practice regularly.

This curious unforeseen Gamping, a platform that exploits this new paradigm of housing and aims to help the greatest number of people looking to stay in other cities, as economically and quietly born.

The term comes from the union of two words, ‘garden’ (garden) and ‘camping’, and consists of camping with your tent or your caravan in a particular field. Do not confuse this with the new name ‘glamping’, which refers to tourism that is carried out in luxury campsites with all amenities. With ‘Gamping’ you not only can reserve a plot in the house of another person anywhere in the world, but you can also earn some money, not much, for days renting your own soil outdoors.

Operation of the initiative

The project is based on the principle of collaborative consumption, just as other operating platforms such as Couchsurfing to find sofa or sharing trip around the world, to share costs on road trips, among many other applications. Gamping connected to campers and people willing to offer their garden worldwide.

People who have a private garden can put an ad, totally free, indicating the services included in your ‘offer’ camp, as some individuals have accessories like barbecue, tennis court or swimming pool, for example, and others only offer the possibility of placing the tent and use the bathroom inside the house.

Tourists interested in the description may contact freely with the host through the website and the business transaction will be made directly upon arrival at the chosen destination. Prices are set freely, taking into account the characteristics of each garden, but usually around 15 euros per night. However, most of the people who collaborate with the initiative, altruistically involved following the philosophy of collaborative economy.

Locations worldwide

Since it was conceived in 2013, ‘Gamping’ has been a growing phenomenon that has gained thousands of followers and has become the trend that is sweeping Europe. What began as a simple personal story, it has given rise to a French startup that today has about 500 hosts that offer more than 1,200 spaces in which to place the tents and campers.

The owners of houses with gardens are the ideal profiles to become suppliers of this platform. The phenomenon has arrived in Spain and although it is developing more slowly than elsewhere, so far there have been 15 hosts that offer the possibility of using more than 40 own spaces. Worldwide, the impact has been greater and accommodations can be found in France, Italy, Portugal, England, USA, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Costa Rica, Tunisia, Kenya, Poland, Belgium, Burkina Faso, Uruguay and Romania.

To ensure a minimum quality to campers, the system allows no more than six simultaneous reservations or more than twenty people staying overnight while in the grounds.

If you decide to be a ‘gampler’, a term that has already begun to call users of this website, you can choose your favorite international geography to relax, either ocean, mountain, country or city. It also allows you to expand your circle of friends to welcome people from all over the world, offers you the chance to earn extra money and rebound, also Publicitas your town or province, and you generate a new tourism to teach your guests the most prominent places for the region.

So now, why do not go to choose some tents for sale, some utensils, invite your friends and begin your trip. We are sure you will have so much fun in the garden of someone. Enjoy!

Renting canopy – Your excellent partner in achieving your events!

Canopies are your partner of the choice event. The canopy must be flexible and adapt to any size of the event.

The possibilities of offers and arrangements are endless and suitable to any context of the event, any style, and occasion. Whether a country wedding, an outdoor baptism, a carnival, a festival blockbuster, a corporate party, a 5-7 promotional, of a sellout, a sporting event or cultural activity of all kinds, it can all satisfy us. There are also cheap popup canopies for sale

There are many providers that are committed to providing quality equipment ranging from canopy “small kiosk” in “mega canopy” format that will be at the height of the seal of quality that you want to apply to your event. Safety is a priority; the proposed capitals are of recent manufacture and in excellent condition and cleanliness and still conform.

Content of the article:

  • Structure of Canopy
  • Rent
  • Planning and Advice
  • ADVICE for choosing canopy

Construction of Canopy

The structures consist of a movable metal frame of anodized aluminum. Many opportunities are offered through a very sophisticated equipment, dedicated to a scalable architecture. The modular design of 5m by 5m in length and high security.

The canopy is covered in tarps or rigid walls PVC, plywood or painted steel, resistant to all climates. The walls and roofs are usually white, but other colors are available to choose from. The apertures may be on all sides as required.

For comfort, we suggest a PLC inside or parquetry floor for the canopy. The structures are typically able to adapt to the configuration of the ground and the environment.

Many providers offer a broad range of canopy. The canopy of 200 seats in the canopy “supergiant” that can provide up to 5000 seats.

PLC hardware will always be of high quality and complies with current safety standards CTS. We advise you in choosing the equipment best suited to your goals. It can also tell you about his experience in the management of the internal surfaces (implementation consulting, arrangement under the canopy to optimize security and the movement of persons)


  • Rental in number: for concerts, galas, receptions. The surface is calculated the number of guests (200 to 5,000 or more)
  • Location on the surface: for trade shows, fairs, and exhibitions, the calculation is based on the available area.
  • Rental numerous accessories: interior lighting, heating, and ventilation with forced air, light, sound.

Planning and Advice

Since the aspects to consider in the successful realization of your event projects are many, here is a list of details to assess questions that will linger the appropriate and efficient event planning.

  • Assessment and space available?
  • What kind of land have you available?
  • Is it grass, gravel, asphalt or paved, flat, bumpy or uneven?
  • What is the available area?
  • What are the peculiarities of the development? For example, is there an element to cover in whole or in part, as a movable stage, a deck or patio residence?
  • Is a floor required?
  • Assessment of the required canopy size
  • What is the expected number of guests?
  • For the banquet, are appropriate tables round or rectangular?
  • Various elements to position or where canopy can be added:

Are you planning area:

  • A scene?
  • A dance floor?
  • A bar?
  • A reception area or registration?
  • An area reserved for service staff or caterer?
  • an area reserved for meal preparation? (We suggest a different canopy reception canopy for any cooking
  • operation to avoid inconveniencing your guests.)
  • a children’s play area?
  • Do you anticipate the presentation of an exhibition or any commercial activity?
  • What should you expose under the canopy and in what quantity?
  • What are the expected number of exhibitors and the size of the proposed exhibit booths?
  • Will you introduce participants under separate capitals or a roof?

Other examples of accessories and amenities offered: Will you need:

  • Toilet?
  • A heating system?
  • Of illumination elements?
  • A stereo?
  • Cooking facilities (BBQ, barbecue, oven, etc.)?

The possibilities are endless! It’s up to you to send us your requirements, and our team will ensure the successful realization of your event!

ADVICE for choosing canopy

For canopy and structures:

  • Provide 1 m per seat
  • Provide 0.50 m per person standing

To dance: 30m track for 100 people.

For buffet/cocktail 100 people: account for 6 m per person at least

Hope you find useful information for your choice. Good luck!


The search for the perfect essential oil diffuser (Part 2)

On part 1 of this article, I have introduced the 4 types of the essential oil diffuser, and in this part, I will give you the look of the last one and some tips when buying.

Ultrasonic mist diffuser

Nebulizers = Cold diffusion with Venturi effect or micro diffusion.Yes, I searched for a long time what the difference was between the nebulizer and micro diffusion. This model preserves the best features of essential oils. A must for fans becáue it is the one that is most suited to enjoy the therapeutic (aromatherapy) essential oils, well beyond a welfare effect, and relaxation. The catch is that it is less easy to clean, and often more brittle with a glass section that all users seem to explode after 15 days of use. No problem, brands have jumped the gun and sold at exorbitant prices replacement parts.

I admit that in this category, I had a big crush on this one. Why? Its robust air with glassware that is not in balance. Customer returns are excellent on amazon. Apparently it is silent. His foot wooden “sustainable.” Only 10 to 20 drops, this is the record for this diffuser category. The power of 10 to 100 m2. And besides, you know what? It is light, such as misters! The downside is that it is not programmable … you can not have everything.

In the same vein there is also this one, a bit more expensive but with diffusion cycles and more adjustability, a very elegant touch button. I’m not sure he makes the light- or coffee. But that’s another problem.

I want to clarify that I will surely fall into the same panel if the title is slightly sarcastic … I love these ideas!!! I find that most of its little bulky, original and useful gifts. Or how to enjoy essential oils in all situations!

So the customer reviews for this product type are quite mixed: not too odor. I admit I’m looking I found him no advantage because in addition must buy refills on which essential oils are deposited. It makes waste, it costs over time. Well, at the same time, nothing to clean and they are bright atmosphere.

The criteria for choosing your essential oil diffuser

Before you let the web in search of the rare pearl, I want you to take a few minutes to look at the criteria below and select the 3 or 4 that matter most to you, because at least you will spend € 200 in your diffuser, few would gather more than 4 criteria at once … and you’ll quickly get lost and you get sucked into hollow marketing promises if you do not. Note on paper.

  • Use: wellness or therapy?
  • The noise (to give an idea, 35 to 40dB = normal noise of a bedroom … WITHOUT snoring)
  • Light (light shows or not, it exists also with music!)
  • Electric or not? Mains or battery (I have not found it!)
  • Aesthetics, design, color (this is very relative, you have to look case by case, I suggest you not to retain this criterion there at first, it will make life easier)
  • The price (in my opinion a major criterion: what price are you willing to put there now immediately?)
  • Ecology (place of manufacture, materials used, energy consumption, recyclability, etc.)
  • The size
  • Safety: automatically turns off, “sleep” mode or timer now
  • Settings: can adjust the intensity of the distribution, duration
  • The capacity, the consumption (duration of the broadcast; knowing that it is not advisable to stream)
  • The size of the room you’ll spread (broadcast capabilities are generally indicated m2)
  • The fragility (or strength) of the thing: Pierre Richard, attention to small cups and glass domes so pretty and fragile at once. The presence or not of spare may intervene in the choice. In case…
  • The moisture? (If so, remove the atomizer system)
  • The smell and material: plastic or ceramic or glass?
  • The intensity of the smell: fragrance diffusion or for therapeutic purposes? Do you have animals that may be inconvenienced? Children at risk of approach? (If so, preferring the mist)

You have noted on paper? So now you determine what you need diffuser by relying on the descriptions of different types made above.

And my choice of essential oil diffuser? For my part, here are the 4 criteria: no moisture, no noise, no clutter, not too expensive (under 50 €) … and not too fragile and green and safety! Well, I finally chose a cold diffuser with Venturi effect. This is not as I have a large room (instead), but I think for my tests as part of this blog is the most logical. And even if I have much preferred a diffuser with light effect and ambiance disco ball, I have to admit that the prospect of adding to the humidity does not rejoicing. Which of the two presented? I still hesitate!

The search for the perfect essential oil diffuser (Part 1)

Personally, I still have never tested. I was there a few years partly in search of the ideal object: The perfect diffuser which is cheap, pretty, easy to clean, efficient, and does not damage the essential oils. And anyway, as I explained here and there in the articles, you can enjoy the essential oils in olfaction also directly to the bottle. Well obviously, it has nothing to do with the atmosphere created by the broadcasters, the welfare they provide, the relaxing effect, relaxation of those who make light effects and everything. Ahhhhh! I want one.

And if I want to test my essential oils properly under my challenge … no choice: I have to invest. So I made a comparative peeled and best sellers on major e-commerce sites. And I dissected, scrutinized, I peeled records and consumer reviews. I scrutinized critically small lines, wearing my skeptical glasses.

The different types of diffusers

How to choose an essential oil diffuser if you do not know what differentiates 817.3 83 existing models? Well, I exaggerate, I spotted 5 major types. The first 3 do not require electricity and cost less than € 10. Then, I will came back later with a list of criteria to prioritize.

Top of the scam: the stone diffuser

No, but really, you take us for idiots! If you want a pebble, you lower you and you pick one. And you know how much it sells? Up to 10 €!!! It is something crazy, I can not believe it. It is justified because they are designed (yes, they are handmade!!!) to be slightly porous.

Artisanal solution: Pottery diffuser

For a large room, I am not sure this is ideal, but for toilets, or an office, entry, for example, or on the bedside table to sleep or in a cupboard instead of lavender sachet … it is nice and then it makes a nice gift (each piece is unique!). And it is not expensive either. And it is still a bit more advanced than the stone. It sustains our craftsmen. And it is natural and local because it is true that the stone of the system is far from fool in the absolute, but gives a nice support.

The capillary essential oil diffuser

In the vein of the aforementioned broadcasters, that do not require electricity, there’s a stupid system but I guess. I’ve seen a diffuser which uses the principle of small sticks that soak in a synthetic scented liquid excessively. There, by cons, it’s essential oil. My reproach? The lifespan of three weeks given the price of a good bottle of essential oil. At the same time, we do not have to leave the “turn” continuous I imagine, suddenly my argument no longer holds. Another problem: is it possible to use other essential oils than the brand? Not sure…

Aroma diffuser-wood

One to banish whatever happens: the burner. All systems that heat, especially those with candle are avoided as a heated essential oil loses its properties. So if it’s just to enjoy the fragrance, not the intricacies of an essential oil well…

Here are the type of diffuser that fits into this category: The electric warmth diffuser (attention is borderline). Here we are in the step after. When business understood that the savvy consumer knows that you do not heat the essential oils, because it distorts. The diffusers do not offer heats but warmth.

In most cases, it is heated to over 45 ° C which is the commonly accepted limits for essential oils. So it’s not sweet at all. Then the customer reviews on the lack of smell when it is heated with a gentle heat actually less than 45 °. It’s a shame to purchase a diffuser that does not broadcast.

That said, I found this one that has good user reviews, cheap, with a safety (but not programming). The advantage of this diffuser category is that they are easy to clean. It works on AC, not battery. 20-25 drops, no waste. No moisture either. No, I’m kidding, everything depends on the climate that made you. For my part, as I try to fight against a too high humidity and mold, it is clear that I’m a little wary. But obviously, if this is not your case, the air is quite dry, especially in winter, no problem, on the contrary, it is even indicated. Without doubt, have an interesting solution, especially if you have kids. Indeed, the fact of putting the essential oils into the water, because they come out mist diluted in steam, much less dangerous if a child approaches and also less aggressive to mucous membranes. Less aggressive and less powerful as the nebulizer, so it’s a choice, because the therapeutic effects will be less. No matter if you use it to create a mood for the welfare side, relaxation. And it is they who make the pretty lights, and even music for some connection with the MP3 … there is no stopping progress.

Note that the “ultrasound” aspect is important, it means he does his job cold without heating water and thus essential oils. It is easy to clean and not too greedy in amount of essential oil to put on.

The main risk is to fall on a model whose plastic smell will take precedence over that of essential oils. It’s best to find one whose reservoir is ceramic, but immediately, going from models to 30 € the double.

For comparison, here the bestselling Amazon, which collects an impressive number of positive reviews and is offered at an unbeatable price:

And this, at a much higher price but with tuning options, an original design, the ability to connect an mp3 … 159 €. So there at all prices. To choose is simple, get a little further down the paragraph on the selection criteria and select yours before you go on an adventure!

Buying a pack and play – what to look for?

Playing, sleeping, eating…The claims of a baby or small child get his environment are relatively straightforward – for the parents, it is often not so easy to fulfill them without major effort. Finally, you want to be next to the youngest sibling often while organizing the household and everyday life is coordinated? A pack and play can be a real help when you have too many things to be done at the same time. However, there are some important details that you absolutely should consider when buying – so the smallest member of the family is really safe and feels comfortable.

Parents know the problem: After weeks before giving birth, the apartment is systematically checked for vulnerabilities, the kitchen cabinets are made childproof, floor vases and candlesticks removed padded sharp edges with foam rubber – and yet the crawling offspring later finds a place in the apartment, where it still can be injured.

Of course, the baby wants to explore the world – but then comes the moment when you are boiling the milk, the baby swallows a Lego block or someone rings at the door, while the smallest bouncy pulls up at the furnace. At such moments, many parents are grateful for the opportunity to put the small oven-climbers unceremoniously into his pack and play, they know that there he faces no risk. If the pack and play is not for permanent residence, and each model is carefully selected, the advantages are obvious: The junior can play or sleep in the protected space and is always within reach of their parents.

The nuts and bolts when buying a pack and play: Quality and Safety

Whether the decision fails for a rather simple or playful reason, a rather small or a very extensive, a wooden pack and play or pack and play made of plastic…The main thing is that it is a producer of inert material which is carefully processed – for the safety and health of the child are the standards by which the purchase should be made.

For this reason, quality and safety of pack and play are in the relevant product testing in the first place. So also read through the consumer magazine in the spring of this year to find out nine current pack and play models on quality and safety – sometimes with startling results.

In the tests, the respective models were tested with the so-called “pack and play standard” with various loads, for example, to determine how stable are the bars (pull, push, kick) and how they can withstand without breaking. Since especially small children like salivation, pollutant tests are almost more important than the stress tests. The pack and play has to be tested the materials used on harmful substances such as formaldehyde; also problematic plasticizers have been found in many paints used.

Of the nine tested models has in fact only a very good cut off both the stress and the pollution test. It is a model of the Dutch manufacturer “Bopita” which stands out due to stylistic variety in design primarily by the responsible choice of materials (such as Buchholz).

What qualities a pack and play should have?

Flexibility: The lying surface of the pack and play should be adjustable so that it can “grow” with the child – as toddlers up to 18 months repealed always optimal. Moreover, it should be equipped with locking casters, so it can be taken anywhere; for smaller apartments to offer a folding variant of the pack and play.

Fun & voltage: The pack and play must be set up so that the offspring is comfortable. This not only means that everything is nice and soft padding surrounded the baby of his stuffed animals, but also that there is even something to discover in the pack and play – otherwise, the world “outside” just yet much more exciting. For this reason, playpens offer with the so-called “game sheets” on; also at the bars small toys can be attached.

Hygiene: The padding the playpen should definitely be washable and easy to clean – in the event that most of the bun sticky lands next to the mouth, or the small inhabitants happened to another mishap.

That is all about the purchase of the pack and play. Good luck!

Aromatherapy tips for choosing and using essential oils

To choose an essential oil, first I am guided by my needs but not only. I would also consider two things that I think are essential: its properties and fragrance. And if I like the smell, I do not hesitate: I buy! The aromatherapy and cosmetics are two important concepts to me to use essential oils in a pleasant way. In general, essential oils are sold to unwind, relax and fight against stress-related disorders.

Essential oil diffuser

The choice of an essential oil diffuser must adapt to its need, and it is important regardless of the mode of application or dissemination to here as a dry evaporation. But do you know that essential oils can be very helpful pursuant to relieve skin problems.

Before you start check with your physician or a physician trained in aromatherapy: to get good results, it is sometimes necessary to use several essential oils or compose special blends.

An essential oil for your needs

Before using the first coming essential oil, do the necessary research to find oils that suit you. Some essential oils have special properties and can be more or less adapted to your needs.

If you are a bit tired and depressed, some essential oils are able to reboost you, others to help you sleep like a baby and others to have a positive view of the situation.

Warning: do not replace medical treatment by the exclusive use of essential oils. Talk to your doctor and make sure used to supplement and with permission.

3 things to consider before using

Always consult a professional to help you choose essential oils best suited to your needs and your situation. Its role is to advise you on your choice of oil or the appropriate mixture.

Once this is done, start by reviewing your oil before use. Indeed, one should never apply an essential oil without having first examined.

You must first ensure that the smell does not smell rancid, there are no deposits of bizarre bottom of the vial and the prescription date is not exceeded.

Always test your oil or mixture. For an application, first dilute your essential oil with vegetable oil (argan oil or St. John’s wort oil). Apply the mixture on a small part of your skin to give it a try and leave twenty-four hours.

It is important to always do a test before using an essential oil or a mixture to verify that you are not allergic. If you pass this test successfully, you can use your essential oil or mixture as you like.

For fun, and because you were wise, you will find below a few of the applications that I use with pleasure.

# 1 Use an ultrasonic diffuser

Buying a diffuser is essential. It allows evaporation and inhalation of essential oils. It’s very pleasant to use. I use this method with zen music to work, relax or meditate.

In addition, it is very simple: you mix a few drops of your favorite essential oil with a little water in a diffuser. Some essential oils can be heated directly without being mixed, but check this possibility in the instructions or with the seller.

Personally, I prefer an ultrasonic diffuser which evaporates water to cool and serves to spread in the air essential oils particles through evaporation. Easily caught commercially and on the internet.

# 2 The evaporative dry just

There is an even simpler method to inhale an essential oil: it is the dry evaporation.

Nothing easier: you drop a few drops of your essential oil on a cotton pad and let the species spread throughout the room. That’s it: it just works.

You can directly inhale the fragrance of your essential oil based directly on the pad, but not more than two or three times. I practice this method by placing the pad in my pillow quiet night guaranteed.

3 # Essential oil vapor menu

Steam is still a very effective method to inhale and enjoy all the properties of essential oils.

It’s a bit of a grandmother recipe, in any case, my grandmother practiced, place 2 or 3 drops of essential oil in a bowl of boiling water. Then you place a towel to cover your head and the bowl for better breathing vapor mixture.

The fresh scent of essential oils will clear the airways and lungs. An excellent method for passing bad colds. There, that’s it for today and it’s not bad. No?

All about the longboard

The material: Most trays are made of Canadian maple layers, but in recent years found new materials that provide other properties, such as bamboo, which provides flexibility or fiberglass, carbon and of plastic, which also provides flexibility and durability. The tray material conditions much the board’s behavior as well as its longevity.

The form: There are a wide variety of form plates, any characteristic of their practices.

The pintail: the classic longboard shape, reminiscent of the shape of the surf, perfect tray for the cruising and carving.

Downhill: Thick and very heavy plates for the descent.

Twin-tip: symmetrical boards with passages cut wheels, for multipurpose use, freeride.

Street: the same shape as the boards Street, with a tail up to the board and do tricks.

Freestyle: a tray with a “nose” and “tail” to be able to make figures.

Concave: the concave can be positive or negative, on the boards carving and slalom it is positive to give nervousness to the board and help to “pump”. On the boards of freeride, downhill or street, it is negative, it is called as the “rocker”, it allows for the well attached to the board feet, to gain stability and control. It is flat to the boards of dancing.

Size: The size affects the handling and stability of your longboard, longer wheelbase between the trucks is long, unless the board will turn quickly. The width of the board will play on the stability, you find the size that fits your expectations and your template.

Flex: Flexibility allows a significant comfort to the cruising or carving it absorbs the kinks in the road, but also to “pump” and so relaunch your board without having to push. By cons, it is better a rigid board for demanding disciplines of responsiveness and accuracy (freeride, downhill, slalom).

Trucks and editing:

The trucks are played on the stability and handling of the board, first by their width, in fact, more a truck is wider, it is stable, its size varies depending on the width of the plateau, between 150 mm and 195 mm.

Then there will be the angle of the truck with the board that will play, the greater the angle, the greater the turning radius will be important and therefore the board will turn more easily. By cons it will lose stability at high speed, so for a stable board, prefer trucks with low angle (40 to 44 °) and, thus, for the carving of trucks with a wide angle (50 °).

Another point of trucks that plays on the behavior of the board, are the gums. There are many that are specific to types of goods trucks. In short, more gum is tender, the trucks will be manageable and they are hard and crushed, the more management is hard and therefore the board is more stable. For this, it is advisable to opt for a Santa Cruz longboard.

Last, it is the assembly of trucks on the board, there are several types:

Mounting trucks

– Top-mount: the trucks are attached directly to the board, the board remains manageable.

– Drop-through: the set is cut in order to fix the trucks on the board, the board is lowered, it loses maneuverability, but is more stable. It is a mounting truck for freeride boards.

– Pads: a mounting top-mount, it is possible to add pads to raise the board to make it more manageable and prevent the wheels touch the tray by turning ( “wheel bite”), but also change the angle of trucks with sloped pads, and thus make the board more playful or more stable in terms of practice.

The wheels

Wheel size and hardness will also play on the board behavior. The larger the diameter of the wheel, the higher you will wait for high speeds effortlessly through against a smaller wheel will be more manageable. A large wheel will be more stable and have more grip, but will be less maneuverable than the thinner wheel.

Finally, hardness plays on the grip and rolling, the hardness is Shore “A”, the lower the number, the higher the gum is hard. Soft wheels in 78 or 80A have a good grip and good comfort, making it ideal for carving or cruising, the harshest A 84/86 wheels are wheels that will tend to skid and will take more speed, so more for freeride and downhill.

Pack and play: pros and cons

Content of this article

  • Pros of the pack and play
  • Cons of the pack and play

When a baby grows into a toddler with its wider range of motion and it poses the threat that the baby may be hurt somewhere in the house. In this period, it is important to keep your child not out of your sight at any moment! But that is not so easy in daily life. Therefore, many parents are considering the purchase of children pack and play for babies at this stage. Because the pack and play is not cheap (60 Euro in good quality with seal), such a purchase should be carefully considered.

There are pack and play in sizes of 75 x 75 centimeters to 1.15 x 1.15 meters. It is recommended for most parents to not choose the smallest version so that the child has more free space.

There are round and octagonal and pack and plays in any shapes that are often able to adjust the floor in height. You can already accommodate infants there and still have a good view from there. Most pack and play are also equipped with folding option and / or rollers, some models are to be used both as a travel cot and a pack and play.

We have put together what are the pros and cons of the pack and play that are needed to look for before buying one for your baby.

Pros of the pack and play

When the doorbell rings or you are boiling the milk in the kitchen, the young can be quickly set in the pack and play and is safe there while you are not there to look after his or her. If the parents are busy with work such as ironing or cooking, it is good to have the child in sight in the pack and play and not having to constantly chase after him to get it away from sources of danger.

With the little stable, designed pack and play with a thick, soft surface and is equipped with the favorite toy, the young will probably find it fun for a while. Some parents even report that their children like to take a nap there.

With the pack and play, you can bring the child to everywhere. He may well hold onto the grid and shimmy and the soft pad that absorbs a fall in there.

Some parents report that older siblings bring their toys to safety before the baby by put the stuff in the playpen, as long as the baby is not in it. Thus, the grid does not only protect the baby from danger, but also provide older children with a protected environment.

Cons of the pack and play

Many children feel locked in the playpen and want to stay there in no case. Once parents put in their little treasure there, the screaming is large and sometimes raises the acquisition as a bad investment out because the child can not get used to stay alone in this “prison”.

A pack and play in the size of 1 x 1 meter is recommended, but a baby needs quite a lot of space, a small space could be a problem.

One day is a clever toddler will be able to climb out of the little pack and play – which is obviously dangerous. Then it is over for the security!

Although equipping a closet with toys, many children get bored after some time in the pack and play and feel restricted in their urge to move.

Although most pack and plays are adjustable in height, it still requires a lot of necessary force to place the child in there and out again. Pay attention to your back and the right posture (the back should remain straight, the hip is tilted, the power comes from the knees), if you bring your child out of the pack and play. Otherwise, you could, just like slightly older with heavier children, have problems.

Pack and play is a great storage option. Before you even realize it, so many toys, picture books and other things could take over your baby little space.

Conclusion: A pack and play is well suited to a toddler to safely accommodate in short time but for a longer term, it should not be there – otherwise the baby’s natural movement and urge to discover is too limited.

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Electric essential oil diffuser

I use almost every day my electric essential oil diffuser by micro diffusion to relax, to release my airways or to clean the air of my house. I decided to present the main broadcasters of essential oils, their advantages, disadvantages and personal experience based on essential oil diffuser reviews. Get some tips for electric essential oil diffusers.

The electric essential oils diffuser by micro diffusion

The essential oil diffuser electric by micro diffusion is the most efficient to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. Essential oils are projected into tiny droplets and disperse into the atmosphere.

It is suitable for therapeutic use (against viruses and bacteria, to prevent a cold), to clean the air from the slot, relaxing, etc.
This essential oil diffuser is suitable for rooms of 20 sqm to 100 sqm.

Tips for using the diffuser

  • Diffusion never practiced continuously: 10 to 15 minutes two to three times per day.
  • Always leave the door open when the diffuser works.
  • Put 10 to 30 drops of essential oils in the machine for a day.
  • If the smell of an essential oil is too strong, post-moderation there (risk of headaches). You can also mix it with another essential oil.
  • Clean the glass with alcohol and a long cotton swab every month for not that essential oils come clog nozzles. There is also a simpler solution: a cleaner essential oil diffuser! If if it exists 😛! Simply apply a few drops in the diffuser and let circulate. Click here to learn more about this cleanser.


  • Unheated, you enjoy all the therapeutic properties of essential oils.
  • The essential oil diffuser is small and elegant. It blends into the decor of your room.
  • You can adjust the speed of diffusion of essential oils depending on the workpiece surface.


  • Engine noise can be distracting to relax. To avoid being disturbed by the noise in my living room, I placed my diffuser as far away from my TV.
  • The maintenance of the diffuser is tricky. Rather buy a diffuser of essential oils from a store that offers glassware replacement parts.


Between 38 and 100 euros.


  • The synergy of essential oils is helpful in preventing colds
  • Synergy finds the zen with essential oils.

My opinion

I advise you to buy this essential oil diffuser only if you intend to use it for therapeutic purposes (prevent colds, flu, congestion in the nasal passages, hay fever, etc …).

Where to buy the electric diffuser with micro diffusion?

Currently, out of stock, I offer you the Simplia diffuser. This diffuser is of good quality, with beautiful glassware (I find it really beautiful!) at quite reasonable a price.

Discover the essential oil diffuser of Aroflora. They are of very good quality at reasonable prices. An Aroflora essential oil diffuser worths over 40 €

Electric diffusers of essential oils with gentle heat

The warmth that is controlled evaporation allows active content in the essential oil without altering its structure and thus retaining the virtues of molecules.

Although these diffusers are manufactured with high-performance temperature controllers it is recommended to avoid using essential oils very sensitive to heat with this type of diffuser. These diffusers are inexpensive, a budget of 35 euros is more than enough to acquire a broadcaster by gentle heat.

There is also an interesting alternative that advertises the essential oils into the cabin of the vehicle through the cigarette lighter. This is the essential oil diffuser with warmth car. It is in the form of cigarette lighter socket. The essential oil is applied on blotting buffer type. Contact with the warmth essential oils is diffused throughout the interior of your vehicle!

The diffusion by capillarity and plasters

Essential oils, as well as fragrances, may be broadcast by a single physical system linked to the exchanges between the air and volatile odorants.

The capillary system can display aromatic molecules by proposing an exchange surface with air and replacing, through capillary action, the molecules escape into the air and so on.

The decorative plaster system is equivalent even if the amount of liquid released is lower simply because they need to be regularly recharged. This is the porosity of the plaster that can slowly diffuse essential oils or fragrances.

These delivery systems are very simple, do not require electrical equipment and are suitable for small parts (up to 20 m²) as the bedroom, office or even the toilet. The prices are very affordable, around 10 euros.

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Main criteria that require attention when buying a baby swing for your cutie

The swing for babies has greatly evolved over the years. They are now at the forefront of technology as some models can connect to a mp3. The child will be lulled by the gentle music. Here is a buying guide that includes the main criteria that require attention when buying a baby swing for your cutie. View baby swing reviews here.

Take into account the age and weight of the child

The baby swing can be used from birth until about 9 months. This age is an indication, however, as some children develop faster than the others. When they can no longer stay lying or half-sitting position, it is not recommended to use this childcare product.

Weight is one of the most important criterions, as it can affect the stability of the swing when using. Most brands offer swings designed for children whose weight reached 11 kg. This criterion is again an indication because the most important regarding the stability of the structure and the child. So we recommend one of the best qualities that a good swing must have: Wide Base – To ensure that the swing that you are shopping for your baby will bring peace, it must be stable and durable. A broad base will help the device will not turn or fall if the baby makes powerful movements.

For the conditions which are the most optimized, it is wise to opt for a reference would be suitable for children aged up to nine months whose weight does not exceed 11 kg. Regarding use from birth, the product must provide a fully extended position, for a good development of the back and especially his spine.

The speed setting and the selection of time

The swings for babies have largely evolved in recent years. Some manufacturers have decided to incorporate a convenient mechanism for children to be rocked without parental involvement. It may well calm down or fall asleep peacefully. Several products are on the market and they stand out among others thanks to various features.

For example, Babymoov Ainsi Bubble model sold by Babymoov has five speeds that can be adjusted through a discreet control panel and without risk to the child. The latter can not intervene and change the speed. Other references provide a larger number and the setting can generally achieve six levels.

For the concept to be optimized, parents have the opportunity to adjust the swing in a while. The child will be rocked for 8, 15 or 30 minutes. It’s an interesting concept because it allows you to adapt the product to the needs of the baby. The swing will stop automatically when the selected time is exceeded.

The musical based on a baby swing

With the rocking, the baby is likely to quickly get to sleep, to calm his anxieties and calm. Some also enjoy music, as the baby wraps it in a cocoon punctuated by softness. This framework is essential and promotes the welfare of the child. Many products have more features and the engine becomes very interesting when accompanied by a musical function. Several songs are recorded and several products have 10 different environments.

To help the baby sleep in a serene and comforting frame, the swing can offer several types of melodies, but some reminiscent of nature. The latter has some soothing. As for the concept of the selection of speed and time of the swing, parents will have the opportunity to use a timer dedicated to the dissemination of music. Once again the child will not intervene in the settings because the panel is out of reach. This is a very nice concept inspired by different mobile that can be installed on top of the child’s bed.

Connecting to an MP3 player

Many manufacturers have even decided to further push the skills of swing adapting to new technologies. For example, Graco offers Sweetpeace model. It is possible to connect an MP3 player directly on the swing. Prerecorded melodies are usually very interesting, but the baby can pay attention to other music. Parents can opt for a model that have a USB port. With the latter, it is quite possible to connect an MP3 player in order to disseminate the favorite music of the child.

That’s all. Good luck!!

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How to choose your home vacuum sealer

When choosing a home vacuum sealer, what we have on the market is not equal or the same. There are plenty of brands and models that create a true hodgepodge price and features that can confuse the most experienced one in the field. To top it off, you can see that there is the same machine (made in China) with a lot of different brands and with very different prices.

All domestic vacuum packaging machines work with embossed bags regardless of make and model. The bags are almost as important as the packaging machine. Some bags embossed quality make the machine work more loose and optimum results. A low quality embossed bag will make the machine much force in exhaling, you subtract life and result in many cases will not be adequate.

There are many types of machine:

– Used air suction nozzle without vacuum channel and manufacturers as Bomann, Jocca etc. No machines are really empty but sealed air sniffers per filament. (They do not serve to store packaged food vacuum) They are closed to keep food. We do not buy these machines

– The suction machine with low power and air suction up to 8 liters / minute machines are usually made in China with very low-quality plastics and vacuum pumps too weak. Its life is short and the vacuum level is insufficient. There are hundreds of brands and every day, there is a new one. Most do not have technical services and are usually sold in supermarkets and general internet sites (pages type flea market selling everything). We do not buy these machines.

– Machines suction with average power with air suction up to 11 liters / minute. Usually also manufacturing China but with higher quality than before. And they are usually made of ABS plastic and power is usually between 130 and 170 watts. Sealing is simple but sufficient and reaches an adequate level of vacuum for both domestic uses to store food in the refrigerator to freeze. There are plenty of models and brands and there are very simple and more sophisticated fully automatic options soft and hard dry foods or products or moisture. Its system of closing the vacuum chamber is with anchor lugs. These machines can be evacuated in 4 or 5 consecutive bags, then they must rest for a few minutes. The service is excellent (door to door) and value high price.

– Machines powerful suction channel and Italian manufacture. They are higher quality machines both its benefits and its components. They are made in Italy (birthplace of house vacuum packaging) are made of ABS plastic, sealing is thicker and has more power pump. These machines are unlike the previous section, can make continuous work followed many vacuum bags. They have greater capacity air intake so they can use larger bags. The chamber is closed by simply lowering the lid and pressing and vacuum is performed by an electronic sensor ensuring optimum results. Its performance is excellent, excellent service (door to door) and quality price above any competition.

– Professional quality machines for home use. They are built with components packaging and performance of professional machines but with designs adapted for home use. They are also Italian, even more powerful, with double and triple sealed and powers, and vacuum pumps that even alvcanzan in most cases professional machines by external suction. As with all previous warranty, it is 2 years and the service is door to door.


I want a simple machine for packaging products that bring some shopping and will use daily but to save small amounts. We are few at home and cooked a day. Normally I do not keep cooked food or products containing liquids. I think I will choose the model packing machine Garhe Orion or model packing machine Vail ABS-33.

Buy food for several days so I usually bring larger amounts, sometimes find meat or fish supply and buy a few kilos, I need a machine that can work for a while and make a few bags. I also need a perfect seal to keep a long time and I also like packaged in jars with liquid sauces and meals. I think I need is the vacuum packing machine model Garhe Swan, vacuum packing machine Garhe.


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Useful Vacuum sealer tips

You can preserve food for longer with a vacuum sealer with ordinary freezing bags. A vacuum sealer removes air, which causes oxidation and results in food spoilage. Special bags sealer bags cost more than traditional freezing, but ultimately, you can save money because when the air is removed, it also prevents inedible, food freezer-burned because some foods do not taste as good when it freezes, like sour cream, most remain well preserved, including liquids.

Practice Portion Control

Whether you are making a casserole or meatloaf, vacuum sealer will help you divide your portions serving size packages properly that can be thawed and used in cooking. Freezing of food in portion sizes works especially well if you’re trying to lose weight with a points-based system because you can score points for selection on the outside of the package after weighing it.

Save space in the kitchen

Vacuum sealers are not just for the freezer. If you have a small kitchen, a vacuum sealer can help save space in the pantry. Just remove all its robust, non-crushable and hard their packaging food items, taking care to keep the preparation instructions. Your vacuum sealer can pack every product in a more compact size, but remember tp write what’s inside and when sealed.

Do not let the liquid ruin the sealant

All juicy items like meat, fish sauces and can ruin the sealing mechanism if too much fluid enters the system. To avoid this, fold a paper towel into a narrow strip and place it in the bag, just below the area where the sealing line will be. To continue the process of vacuum sealing, the paper towel will absorb the juices. You’ll want to seal them with the paper towel inside, and when I defrosted, just cut the bag open under the edge of the paper towel. Your food will stay safe and you keep your sealant in proper operating condition.

Bear Prevent Invasions

The nose of a bear is 100 times more powerful than any human nose, and if you’re on a backpacking trip or leads his holiday home in the woods, always do your best to avoid bears in dinner. One way to do this is by using a vacuum sealer, which helps keep odors to a minimum when used to seal everything. Just remember that if you leave any sealed items, always keep them out of sight to avoid theft bear.

Keep the utensils bright

Air causes oxidation with food, as well as metals such as silver. You can avoid having to polish the cutlery before and after the events, by using a vacuum sealer bypass air when their serving utensils are in storage. After polishing the silverware, group packages only portion sizes and the like or types, then vacuum seal stamp each. The next time you want to make an impression at dinner by the use of covered family, you will be ahead of the game because they will not have to regrind.

Maintenance tips for vacuum packaging machine

If we gave you previously and tips for optimal packaging, now we want to give a series of recommendations to keep our packaging in perfect condition.

Good care of the vacuum packaging machine allows us to work with a great amount of time, in good condition and make ensure impeccable packaging. We must bear in mind that the quality of vacuum depends on the quality of the packaging.

The liquid is the worst ally of the vacuum packaging machine. The aspiration of liquids may damage the vacuum pump ie the suction machine. Thus:

  • The We freeze liquids before packaging, because if they are inhaled can seriously damage the vacuum pump.
  • It’s recommended that we avoid introducing moist foods to make packaging. To do this, we can dry them with a paper or cloth towels.
  • If We see that some liquid is introduced into the vacuum packaging machine, we IMMEDIATELY DISCONTINUE OPERATION.
  • On the other hand, it allows seal sealing the bag so that the air can not leak. For proper maintenance of the sealing bar:
  • It’s important that we keep cleaning the seal bar and neoprene rubber.
  • If it has posed some kind of residue on the sealing bar, you have to clean it with a cloth and not with sharp or pointed objects.
  • ‘We must fill the bags packaging excessively because it could hamper the seal. We, therefore,recommend leaving 5 cm free at the top of the bag.
  • If we’re by packing a bag and then we do the same with another, we wait a few seconds for the sealing bar cool. In this way, we will increase durability and guarantee to make a good seal.
  • Finally, we advise you that cleaning the packing is done with a damp cloth.

In short, we must prevent any leakage of liquid inside the vacuum packaging machine. In addition, we will wait until the sealing bar cooler to package the next bag.

With these tips will help to keep our vacuum packaging machine in perfect condition and thus, we can make an effective and durable packaging.


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Is it worth vacuum packaging at home?.

How many times you have bought a product and have considered the purchase of food vacuum sealer? This usually happens especially in delicatessens, where whole pieces are sold with the possibility of taking the sliced or guarded the passage of time resulting pieces.

This operation can be done regularly at home, but is not a very popular option because it requires a significant outlay that we are not always willing to do. Many years after deciding to buy a vacuum packaging machine and view all food vacuum sealer reviews , and I will share my experience about it. Make your calculations and proceed according to your needs.

The vacuum packaging machine

The first thing to be clear is the type of machine. My first acquisition was a very expensive machine, which did not exceed 40 euros. The possibility of making the vacuum with any bag seduced me. The result was a food packing machine and it was returned to the store because this did not last beyond three hours. The conclusion was clear, to vacuum pack at home, you need to invest in good packaging.

This type of machines has a price that ranges between 130 and 300 euros, which represents a strong initial investment in the case of a quality machine (in this price range is good) reverses the long life of the appliance. The machines do not take up much space, no more than 40 × 15 centimeters.

Its operation is very simple, you just have to worry about placing optimally accessories, close the lid and push a button. Then begins a process of emptying and sealing takes a few minutes, depending on the amount of air to be eliminated.

Vacuum packaging

Domestic vacuum packing machines need accessories, some have to replace them constantly, and others require a single initial investment. For packaging meat, sausages, cheeses, and foods that do not carry water or preparation (eg stews) or composition (eg vegetables), bags are the optimal solution.

These can be found ready-made, with certain dimensions, or continuous rolls. On one side they are smooth and the other has embossed stripes that help deaeration; They are tough and thicker than normal plastic. Fifty bags of 20 × 30 cm can cost about 15 euros, and two rolls of six meters long each, also 20 centimeters wide, can have a price of 20 euros. The best choice is the latter, then to adapt measurements of each bag the product to be packaged, leaving much cheaper in practice. My annual spending on bags worth about 50 euros.

Jars for vacuum packaging

Certain foods can not tolerate a vacuum in bags, either brittle or by the presence of water. Olives, a stew or pepper, to name a few examples, you can not be packaged in this way; in the first two, the liquid would by the mouth of the bag and preventing spoiling the sealing apparatus, and in the case of pepper, pressure, and vacuum would draw water from the vegetable it unusable. For these cases, there are the glass jars and rigid containers.

First, you can use glass jars that have a diameter appropriate to the specific metal lids for vacuum. These plates are adapted to the mouth of the jars, and on which a bell, which together with the machine by a cannula applied, makes the vacuum. Once the process is completed, the jar with a metal ring is closed.

There is a rigid plastic container with larger capacity, that preserve large amounts of food; these are ideal for cheeses in brine, or stews, for example. Another interesting application of this type of package is the possibility to marinate meat in them in less time, because by making the vacuum and place in the refrigerator, this process occurs more quickly.

They also serve to empty small cans. You just have to enter these closed within a container, put the lid, turn the vacuum process, and once finished, remove the pot from the container. If we open the lid check that makes the noise characteristic.

Other accessories

The wines also have their place, as do the vacuum bottles with a plug adapted for this purpose. This is connected directly to the machine with the special cannula, and left in the bottle until it is used again.

Open the metal lid of glass jars is not easy, so it is convenient to have a special attachment, which is like a giant sheet opener, with which the operation becomes easier.


To make a decision about whether it is worth vacuum packing at home, we must take into account two fundamental issues. It is important to know that in no case replaces the method of blunting preserves because for that you have to follow a different process. Secondly, we must bear in mind that canned foods vacuum increase duration between three and five times more than in a traditional packaging and keep longer their properties.

Therefore, knowing what your specific application, just thinking if we want to prolong this duration even at the cost of making a first high investment and pay the toll special bags; assessing the amount of food that are lost in each case by a bad conservation, economics (monetary or time) to do when buying large quantities, and how to cook and the number of family members, may or not desirable to have this system of conservation at home.

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Choosing the right sewing machine

Fancy of sewing? Then you do not need nothing more than a good sewing machine that does what you want it. What to look for in your choice? Tickle your fingers to get a sewing machine at home?

Practice shows that most women and men look for four things when buying a sewing machine:

1.The machine can handle hard and thick materials?
2.Does the sewing machine have a stretch stitch to sew?
3.Is the sewing machine easy to use?
4.The price.

However, there are much more to look for. First, think carefully about what you are planning with it.To stitch curtains, or placemats, you do not need the sewing machine of the same functions to make a skirt, a shirt or pants. In this article, we will go over the main selection criteria from every angle to choose the best sewing machines for beginners.

Content of the article:

  • The stabbing and programs
  • Some useful features
  • Storage compartment and accessories
  • Ease of use
  • Price

The stabbing and programs

Do not be overwhelmed by a variety of stitch patterns when choosing a sewing machine. Five basic stabbings suffice for most sewing are a straight stitch, zigzag stitch, blind hem stitch, an overlock stitch and stretch stitch for stretch fabrics. For those who like to experiment with making ornamental stabbing or costumes, there are sewing machines that offer an interesting wider choice of stabbing are available.

The functions themselves are also easy to adjust the stitch length and width. So you always have the appropriate length and width for the material you want to edit.

Some useful features

The start-stop function allows you to operate the machine without the foot pedal. The machine then has a separate button that you can press to automatically sew at a fixed speed.

The speed control is a feature that allows you to set the maximum sewing speed, for example, in 3 positions. Both the start-stop and the speed control function are very useful for beginners.

The needle perch is a feature that allows you to determine the position of the needle when it stops. That makes it easier to change the direction when sewing. If you stop, you can make the first stitch in the other direction and perfectly connect the needle in the down position on the last stitch in the other direction.

An automatic needle threader is particularly practical: the machine stops automatically thread the needle.

Buttonhole Function: Enables automatic buttonholes in the desired size.

Storage compartment and accessories

In the sewing plate, there is a storage, which often is removable. The free arm should be as narrow as possible so that you can easily pull a leg or a sleeve over it. In addition, the entire sewing surface should be as large as possible, so you can go easily with large pieces of fabric from the feet.

All sewing machines have a standard for presser foot, where you will often work with. But for blind hems, zippers, buttons and buttonholes, you need other presser feet. How many feet are included as standard and how easy they are to change depending on machine to machine.

Ease of use

Take as it can take the manual of the machine you have in mind, especially if it is an electronic model. A device with all the bells and whistles is fine, as long as you do not find it too complicated.

Otherwise, chances are that you give the effervescent there too soon. Many electronic sewing machines have a lot of features that can be very useful without a doubt, but just for some exercise.

Size and weight

Is your sewing spot, especially limit your storage space, think about the dimensions of the machine. The weight is also important if you often need to move the unit. If you prefer a light model, check whether it is adequately stabilized.


There are already many sewing machines available for less than € 100. Others can cost a lot more. Which model is most appropriate depends entirely on what you want to do with it. For easy sewing tasks, you may be consider a cheap base model. Unfortunately, it usually offers really limited options. For quite thick fabric, buttonholes or a zip, this kind of sewing machine is less convenient.

Good luck!



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The back squat guide in Smith machine (power rack)

The back squat guided machine is vital for practitioners of bodybuilding who want to develop their quadriceps muscles. This movement can also stimulate the glutes and hamstrings, but only if you get down low enough.


Stand under the guided machine (squat rack) with the bar on the top of the trapezium and spread your feet wide approximately equal to the shoulders, 30 to 40 cm in front of your hips. These should be directly below your shoulders.

  • Place your feet flat on the floor and keep the natural curve of your spine.
  • Once ready, inhale a little more than normal and hold your breath by bending the knees and squatting.
  • Lower the bodies until your thighs are approximately parallel to the ground and form a right angle at the ankles and hips. Make no bottom bounce.
  • Still holding your breath, push with the legs to raise the bar. Reverse the direction smoothly and controlling the movement all the time.
  • Exhale through the most delicate point (the most difficult part in the upswing of the movement).
  • Look straight ahead and focus on the placement of the spine that should keep its normal camber both during descent and during the climb.

Training Tips

For a better stretch glutes and hamstrings, slightly down below 90 °. However, down below the parallel, stress on knees is much more important.

Keep feet in front of the hips during execution. The more you be, the more foot should be forward. Do not place your feet directly under your hips and shoulders then it becomes very difficult to get off while keeping the feet flat on the floor.

Hold the normal curve of your spine throughout the movement. This is particularly important as they approach the bottom position of movement.

If your hamstrings are stiff or if your back muscles are weak, your pool might swing back and your lower back to round. This creates excessive forces that can cause injuries to the discs or vertebrae.

Do not look up: this may exaggerate the curvature of the lumbar region. If you look down, you may round your back. Both positions can cause an injury to the spine when handling heavy loads.

To help maintain proper camber, hold your breath for the descent and going back to the delicate point of the passage. Expire too soon, particularly in low, can affect your ability to keep your rigid column and exert the same force.

Contract your back muscles throughout the movement. This is the key to a strong lap strap, which is required to transfer the force of the thighs to the upper body and the bar.

Main muscles

The quadriceps muscle, located on the front of the thigh, is composed of four beams: the vastus lateralis, the vastus, femoral and the prior law. Depending on how your personal biomechanics, you can squat with the back squat in the Smith machine ( you can read the best power rack reviews of Smith machine) that large muscles are slightly more active because of the advanced position of your feet. If you scroll down to the parallel or below, glutes and hamstrings are involved because of the greater stretch at that position. Hamstrings at the back of the thigh are composed of the femoral biceps, the semitendinosus and semimembranosus. Gluteal muscles form the curve of the buttocks.

Standing in the bar placed at the trapezium, the feet firmly extended approximately a basin wide, back straight or slightly arched, it is performing a bend.

Inhale on the way down and exhale on the way up. Do not arch your back excessively and do not lift your heels down motion (possibly not get to the bottom).

Squat on the Smith machine: muscles worked

  • Key: quadriceps, glutes
  • Secondary: hamstrings, adductors, calves, lower back

The squat on Smith Machine is to seek preferably quadriceps. This is due to the position of the torso relative to the vertical. Staying right hamstrings and glutes stretch least at their integration into the basin and are then less worked.

This will effectively reduce the bending of the knees to the detriment of hip flexion.

Note that slightly opening the feet instead of keeping them parallel, the adductors are widely sought.

Interest of the squat rack Smith Machine

The squat on Smith machine is quite close to the squat, but does not put much pressure on the back.

It allows you to go at your forces on the quadriceps, without being stopped by the fatigue of erector spinae (lower back).

Danger / Contraindication to squat on Smith Machine

Exercise is demanding for the knee joint. We advise you to precede several sets of seated leg extension and leg curl lying.

If pain occurs, please reduce the amplitude of bending your knees in order to perform the movement without pain. You can move your feet until, when your thighs are parallel to the ground, they form a right angle with your calves.


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7 important tips for purchasing your dream kitchen

Buy a kitchen is for a long time, and if you make the right purchase, it gives you joy every day. A convenient layout, stylish view of beautiful materials, ample storage space and all the possibilities to cook easier. It is important, therefore, to think advance about a few things. We like to help you a hand.

1. Set up a wish list together

Consider which requirements your new kitchen have to meet. If it is not the first time you buy a kitchen, you often already have ideas about what you would like and what do not. Have you had, for example, much lower cabinets with shelves? Chances are your kitchen cabinets should be cleaned regularly. That may be more convenient with drawers. Let’s keep you better overview everywhere.

2. Choose your style

Although the choice of a style certainly is not the only importance, most people still look to the appearance of a kitchen first. Design, color and materials, therefore, play a bit role. At least, determine in advance what kind of kitchen you want. Do you have a rural, romantic or classic taste, you can pass the modern kitchens. What materials do you want? There are many other options such as stainless steel, wood and plastic.

3. Choose your equipment

A refrigerator, a dishwasher, a freezer, an oven,…. are not indispensable in today’s kitchen. The modern trend is the combi-steam oven. It allows you quick, tasty and, above all, a healthy way to prepare meals.

How would you like to cook? Gas cooking is a cheap way of cooking, but has the disadvantage that it sometimes takes a long time and the stove is difficult to clean. An alternative is a gas-to-glass cooktop. The hob is then, like the ceramic hob and induction hob equipped with a glass-ceramic surface that is easier to clean. More expensive versions in use are the hob or the induction hob. Induction cooking is quicker than gas cooking, easier to clean but there are special pans required.

How environmentally friendly you want your cookware to be? In recent years, there are plenty of environmentally friendly products as water-saving and energy-saving equipment. There are also trendy devices such as boiling water taps and built-in coffee machines that offer great convenience.

4. How much storage space do you need?

Utensils, pots, table linens, food items, spices and ingredients,…. They all deserves a place in your kitchen. If you already have a kitchen, you can, for example, count the number of meters of closet space you have used by yourself. Is that enough? Or, it might be more convenient or smarter? Your kitchen specialist can provide you with useful tips.

5. What worksheet do you want?

Plastic, granite, composite, concrete? The counter top is a mood maker and an important part of your kitchen because it is used daily. Importantly, a counter must be scratch-resistant and resistant to moisture and heat.

6. How much will you spend?

Decide in advance how much you want to spend on your new kitchen. Do not give everything at once price. Every euro you save can be used again for other purposes.

Your budget is insufficient to grant all your wishes? Consider the possibility to renovate your current kitchen. Kitchen renovation is a budget attractive and effective way to display your kitchen a modern touch and new ease of use.

7. Read the offer carefully

Also, when you buy your kitchen in a kitchen specialist store, it is important to pay attention to the paperwork:

– What is included?
– What work shall it include ?
– Is measured and the kitchen is fitted with you?
– What are the terms and conditions when purchasing kitchen?
– What are the guarantees?
– Is expected a deposit and when the final payment must be fulfilled? By law, no more than 50% of the purchase price will be required as a deposit. CBW-approved shops may require a deposit of up to 15%. There are also kitchen specialty shops that work without deposit payment.

Sign advance nothing but eventually the contract, otherwise you may soon be stuck with things you do not want to sit on to.

With these tips you will soon go well fitted to buy the kitchen of your life. Enjoy it and make it something beautiful!

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How to clean the kitchen? Where to start?

Because if we do not have the technique and if it uses little suitable products, which certainly has been cleaned will have to be cleaned again! Learn all the tricks to thoroughly clean the kitchen easily, efficiently and as quickly as possible with economic and natural products.

Step by step cleaning the kitchen

1 – Inspect cupboards, fridge, and freezer

Make sorting in the fridge, in the freezer, in closets, throwing all that is outdated or in poor condition, or what you no longer use.

And enjoy this sort to note everything you lack: products, sponge ingredients or supplies.

2 – Clean the top of cupboards

Sweep microfiber barely damp on top of cupboards to remove dust that has accumulated.

3 – Clean the walls

If the painted walls are greasy, sealing them with a paste with equal share of bicarbonate soda and water.

Leave for an hour then rinse and dry.

– Or clean the greasy walls with a solution of one liter of hot water and a coffee cup washing soda.

– Or scan a cloth dampened with alcohol rubbing.

4 – Clean small appliances

Spend time on the blender, coffee maker, toaster, paper towel moistened with rubbing alcohol, plus electrical and son taken.

5 – Clean the fridge

Unplug the refrigerator, empty and remove shelves, racks and bins, then take them in the dishwasher or wash by hand with soapy water.

Then protect the hands by household gloves, thoroughly clean the fridge, from top to bottom with a wet sponge and warm water with a handful of soda.

Rinse with clean water.

Wipe with a microfiber cloth.


Clean worktop and splash back

  • Clean and disinfect with citric acid
  • Use citric acid to clean countertops and floors that are very dirty.
  • Rinse as quickly as possible after cleaning.
  • To enhance the disinfecting action of acid to add citric acid a few drops of essential oils: Tea tree, eucalyptus or lemon.

Clean the wooden worktop

  • Spend on the worktop brush soaked in hot soapy water.
  • Rinse. Dry quickly.
  • Add some white vinegar with warm water if the plan is very dirty.

Clean the tile

If the floor is very dirty, clean it passing over a cloth moistened with alcohol rubbing.

Clean granite and marble

Clean with a sponge soaked in hot water just a drop of liquid soap. Rinse well. Then rub with a cloth to avoid leaving streaks appear unsightly.

Clean stainless steel

  • Have a microfiber cloth soaked in soapy water.
  • Rinse.
  • If there are traces on stainless steel, skip of paper towels moistened with oil compound mixture (for salad) and lemon or oil and vinegar.
  • Polish.
  • Clean dishwasher and washing machine
  • If the body is white
  • Give it back its original whiteness by passing on the body and the door with a cloth soaked in white vinegar. Let stand about twenty minutes. Wash with soap and water. Wipe.
  • If the body is stainless steel
  • Have a microfiber cloth dampened with soapy water and added a drop of alcohol rubbing. Rinse. Dry the microfiber cloth.
  • Enjoy this cleaning to clean any residue inside the machines using a sponge.

Clean the microwave

Remove the turntable and clean the microwave oven with a sponge soaked (and drained) of water and vinegar (white vinegar) without forgetting the door.

Rinse. Dry.

Clean the turntable and its support in soapy water or in the dishwasher.

Dry them and put them back.

Deeper cleaning

Place in the microwave a bowl containing water with added lemon juice. Turn the oven to boil the liquid. Then run a dry cloth over the fog that formed.

Clean the oven

Clean your oven immediately after cooking. Heat melting the dirt, you’ll save time. A simple wet sponge will suffice.

But before cleaning the oven, remove the rack or tray; wash it with hot water and dishwashing liquid or in the dishwasher.

Clean your oven naturally

Spend on the oven walls a sponge baking soda diluted in water.

Clean greasy walls

Sprinkle greasy walls of salt, wait a few minutes, then wipe with a damp sponge

Clean the oven window

If spots of all kinds adhere to the glass of your oven, you cannot remove them, heat the oven a bit so it is warm, turn off, then clean with sheets of paper towels all rolled into a ball soaked in alcohol rubbing.


Clean the bottom cupboards

Clean the closets in the same way above, but by checking the condition of the cookware, utensils and small appliances.

Clean the trash

Remove the bag and clean the trash with a sponge soaked in pure vinegar or with either a solution of hot water and washing soda (1 liter of hot water for a cup of coffee washing soda).

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I want a designed living room (Part 2)

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6. Antique furniture and contemporary furnishings create a design lounge

Between antique furniture and Scandinavian-inspired furniture, the show mixes the styles that blend amid white walls. Referring to the trade practiced in this former warehouse dedicated to tanning, the latter found their place, this time in the decor. A cowhide as a carpet, a cozy plaid sheepskin … The spirit of yesteryear is preserved and reused to give a designer look resolutely to the salon. The square window adorned with raw wood projects its natural light throughout the space, it being protected from the rays by the suspension sunbonnet tunes. Finally, to dress the walls without overloading the room, black and white photographs of all sizes are fixed above the sofa … A nod to the past of the warehouse.

We like: the furniture chosen one by one in a flea market to a design shop that blend and complement each other to give the show a history and Deco both vintage, rustic and contemporary. It notes the retro blue sitting bringing the joyful color that ends brilliantly design of the show.

7. A room design with an oversized frame

Off-white leather sofa, elongated shelf imposing ground in matt black, milky white fur rugs, fine coffee table and air … The room has little accumulation of objects and remains simple in its sobriety. Each piece has a specific function in terms of practicality and utility, which makes it nice to look at and easy to replicate at home. The light wood floor slides under the furniture to be discreet, like the stay.

We like: the oversize photograph with the color blue shape like a heaven in this show. This wall decoration dress any space and comes to bring spice to the room. The slum contrasts with the order and design of the room, giving it the relief and the character whose room needed. It invests in XXL wall decoration!

11. Mirror game in a living room design

In this design living room enjoying a high ceiling, white beams seem to form a boundary that brings a comforting intimacy stay. Furniture level: the 70’s style made his law in black and white … Not to mention the orange! In sharp contrast to the parquet wooden polished amber, black balls stools and leather sofa form an almost futuristic composition in this classic architectural ensemble. The originality does not stop at the design of the furniture, the carpet zebra skin comes marry in black & white furniture while imposing a “safari” note to the decoration. The centerpiece of the show is of course the lower mirror table which marks the end to the extravagance of this stay. The carpet in animal skin is reflected on one side, the floor comes to admire another … And the lounge sparkles!

We like frames arranged living room wall. The old architectural drawings combine with exposed beams and vintage 70s decor sift stay. A variety of styles that unites perfectly.

12. Solid wood and design lounge marry

In this living room design, cement tiles assemble and reveal under our feet. What about furniture? Solid wood sets the tone. The large sofas and rustic form a winning combination with the coffee table just as impressive. To temper the character of furniture described three retro chairs with thin, light lines are slipping into the deco mid undue vintage. To partition without locking the corner “meeting” the living room, a dark gray carpet, as the foundation, is proudly on the ground. As for the ceiling, wrought iron beams carry two industrial suspensions which invite the center of the living room. The whole forms a decorative style tinged with a warm and friendly soul that makes you want to stay.

We like: the colorful posters that remind billboards 50s Their urban style contrasts with solid wood furniture and graphics cement tiles, and offers a range of detonating color design exhibition!


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As the looking for best ceramic cookware has never been so huge, recently, we have a big test with ceramic knives from different manufacturers. We have been tested for sharpness and sharpness retention, ease of use, pressure resistance and the ability to sharpen the knives. In this test, we have the ceramic knives as compared to some comparable kitchen knives made of steel.

The tested knives

For the test, we made some ceramic knives from Kyocera, the leading provider of ceramic knives. We bought several ceramic knives from other manufacturers. To make the comparison with steel blades, we also cook with knife from Kai, Wüsthof, Robert Shepherd in the test.

Sharpness of ceramic knives out of the box

The sharpness test showed that the sharpness of the Kyocera knives out of the box is very good. It is equal with the steel knives and in some cases even better.


After testing the blades on initial sharpness we have cut carrots and onions for an hour with six people. It was striking that the Kyocera knives will dig into the wood cutting board when cutting. When we held the knife as we normally would and tried to push it smoothly over the cutting board, this went very smoothly. It felt a little like we were going with sandpaper on the shelf. In comparison, the steel blades are just supple on the shelf. Between the two Kyocera knives that we tested (a copy of a copy of 13 cm and 18 cm), we also noticed a difference in cutting ease. This had nothing to do with the difference in blade length, but the thickness and geometry of the blade is different to each other.


With Kyocera knives, there is a booklet indicating that the knife is unsuitable for “straight” cut. Now we cut with the knife “right”, but we saw that small pieces of the knives are broken. Besides, where are the sharp pieces of ceramic material?

Sharpness after use

This ceramic knives come forward clearly better than the steel blades. They remain, as claimed, indeed more sharply under the objective test. In use we have not really felt the difference between ceramic and steel blades in terms of sharpness.

Ceramic knives sharpening

The next step is to grind all the knives. With the steel knife sharpening, we set up a Naniwa Chosera-stone 5000. For the Kyocera ceramic knives we have a diamond cutter on batteries. Ceramic is hard to grind because it only allows diamond grinding. It is even more difficult with the grinder to achieve a nice grinding results on the Kyocera ceramics knives. The sharpness is definitely in order, but it takes considerable time and effort to sharpen the chipping out of the cut.

Now we have the ceramic knives sent to the supplier to provide them with a professional regrinding. This usually comes with a voucher. Sharpen a ceramic knife at home by just turning on a grinding rod, or occasionally pulling it on a water stone is simply impossible. This is something steel kitchen knives have plenty of advantages over ceramic knives.

The work test

Although ceramic knives, according to the packaging are not suitable to pry, it is inevitable that there are occasionally still lateral force is exerted on the cut. Moreover, the result of the work test also says something about the drop resistance. Therefore, we have all the knives still subject to our work test.

In this test, there is a U-shaped holder placed over the cut. This holder is rotated and we measure how much power we should exercise into the cut. Here it came Kyocera 18cm knife with 0,33Nm which is nice in the test (even better than a carbon steel blade that we have tested). This knife only broke at the forces of 0.30 Nm. The Kyocera knife 13 cm is much less well in the test. It breaks even at 0.08 Nm. When a thin-VG10 steel blade of a major Japanese brand we can see that this knife, which is 7,75 times heavier than its ceramic counterpart, breaks at 0.65 Nm. The Wüsthof knife Classic we test there will be a lot better since. The knife will win the test brilliantly with 1.34 Nm.

The cheap ceramic knives do not come anywhere near the Kyocera knife. One knife breaks even when we place the container on the cut. The difference between the expensive Kyocera ceramic knives and therefore lies not only in price and sharpness, also the quality of the material which plays a big role.


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Develop a small kitchen: our 8 tips

Develop a small kitchen that is both practical and functional, it is possible! We gonna meet decor experts who deliver their ingenious ideas you conveniently arrange for your small kitchen and save space.

No, a small kitchen is not necessarily bad row, inconvenient and poorly arranged. Hortense Reynaud The architect and interior designer and architect Alexa Funes prove you otherwise. With their 10 tips, you can arrange a small kitchen fully equipped both practical and functional, which is comparable to the biggest.

1. Install high ceiling cupboards

In a small kitchen, the ideal is to use all available height to optimize storage space and give a feeling of volume. So installing cupboards that spin to the ceiling. The kitchen designers multiply modular furniture that adapt to all heights. Beware of any precise same architect, “beyond 2m26, access to them is difficult.” Good point: the wall units allow clear of floor space and thus gain maximum space. Alexa Funes advised to mix furniture columns that will be integrated oven / microwave with low furniture combined with wall units.

Good to know: think of wall shelves in a space where furniture does not fit. Backlit, they provide a significant volume sensation.

2. Select the small and multifunction appliances

The appliance adapts to small kitchens and saves space. There are built-in including wide 40cm dishwasher or as multifunction oven dishwasher.

Good to know: install as much as possible the technical elements in columns to save space (refrigerator / freezer built, column oven / microwave, grocery column).

3. A small kitchen open to the living room

To improve the amplitude sensation, it is advisable to open the kitchen to the living room. Obviously, the technical elements (microwave oven, refrigerator …) must be hidden so as not to hinder the view. To bring conviviality and modernity, the interior designer recommends installing a meal plan with high seats. And not to lose a centimeter, it suggests installing storage under the snack bar.

Good to know: always think the small kitchen in the light of other parts of your apartment or your house as the living room and, in order to open these living spaces.

4. Building on good lighting

Alexa Funes advised to mix three types of lighting: direct light kind or suspensions adjustable spotlights with light under wall units (ideally contactless ignition for added convenience) accompanied by a credenza backlit. If the small kitchen has a window, nothing should impede the natural light.

Hortense Reynaud favors for its indirect type of lighting: “it has the advantage of not being dazzling.” With the establishment of such ducts in false ceilings to conceal tubes or LEDs.

In all cases, it is preferable to choose a most comfort possible light, both ambient and punctual for different workstations.

5. Bring dynamism with color

The designer suggests playing with colors: a dark color in the lower part associated with a lighter color for the wall units allow to visually accentuate the height and therefore the volume on sensation can also bet on different materials to bring dynamism the small kitchen. For example, we associate the color with glass fronts or facades furniture wooden facades with tall columns lacquer furniture facades. The mat-brilliant blend brings light.

Good to know: choosing floor materials in the same colors as the low furniture creates an impression of space.

6. Making the most of the angles

When the kitchen is arranged at an angle, Alexa Funes favors corner kitchen furniture like “Lemans” or “Corner” which offer a large amount of storage space while enjoying the best angles.

Good to know: Furniture “Lemans” are specific corner cabinets that allow, thanks to their structure, they can access all content trays; they can come completely out of the cabinet. The “Magic Corner” furniture, meanwhile, have trays that slide. Thus, the entire surface of the tray may be used for optimal storage.

Hortense Reynaud notes however that the corner kitchens are to be avoided to the maximum – access to corner cabinets is anything but practical – and that it is preferable to favor the linear face to face. But of course, such a facility is not always possible, especially in a small space.

7. Expand the space with a mirror

Ideal for larger space and reflect light, the focus is on the mirror attached to a high cabinet or at the credence table.

8. Separate cooking / fridge / sink

Despite the limited space, remember to keep water away from electricity and also heat sources for heat sinks. The architect says that such an installation frees up space between each element of the kitchen and can put his food preparation equipment between the main functional points of cooking. It thus offers a beautiful space for preparation and serving.

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I want a designed living room (Part 1)

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1. A design lounge between ancient and modern


With its metal frame with rattan armchairs (1950) and its marble mosaic floor patterned with palm leaf, while the living room has a space that plays with the old. But when we look closer it can be seen the suspension-type armillary sphere and a contemporary photography … And then, there is no doubt, this show is design!

We like: the daylight that plunges into a bath of natural light and covers each piece of furniture, each tile square as a work of art highlighted in a museum at home.

2. A fifties spirit in living room design

A design show in muted colors and tonic and geometric patterns, it’s about you? With its round shapes fitting carpets with curtains round too, and color made a comeback in the 1950’s while anchoring furniture design in this. To stay in theme, a graphical canvas and ultra pop just climb on the wall and accentuate the psychedelic atmosphere of the lounge. As for the cushions, their motives are no exception to the rule and not the colors: blue triangles, green, black, orange … and multicolored lines awaken mouse gray couch to include it in the deco look chosen.

We like: the vases shapes and flashy colors that give the coffee table a pop style. The open offer flowers for their sweet notes in this extroverted interior, like a sprig of fresh air which reduces the design salon.

3. A trip to Palm Beach … In this living room design

In this room, the design is intended cocoon and sweet. Standing in the center of the room, we would imagine almost in a house located on the edge of the ocean, in sunny Miami. All colors go and reflected in the color of a grain of sand. Sofa, chair, walls and carpets unite in a soft, calm beige. This peaceful setting also plays with the texture of the carpet mats such large marine knots, reminding us the comforting rocking of the waves. The coffee table proves with its design frank L. With its white, the furniture is melted into the background and almost forms an island in the middle of the stay.

We like: the discreet touches of color offered design for pampering keep this setting. The frames with pink colors, pop and sober are placed behind the sofa randomly to give a minimalist impression of disorder studied in this girly room. The console provides real yellow sun lounge and supplemented with the palm pad, plus papyrus standing on the coffee table. A holiday home air that makes us dream …

4. A high volume design lounge

The room design is also suitable for large families! With its corner sofa, ottoman and its XXL swing (no, it is not reserved at the little cow), this trip can accommodate many guests in a high volume space. The room is open to the kitchen, and (almost) on the separate garden inside by a glass wall outside the norm, the atmosphere of sharing and bonus ventilation there. With its undue style ‘, its polished concrete floors and wooden beams and metal ceiling, the white walls are a must and not too big design furniture is recommended. Here, the Y-design table is placed on the ground like a piece of ice refreshing the lounge.

We like: the black and red swing hanging in the living room that brings an offbeat and humorous notes the large open room. This element draws the eye and imagination rivals.

5. A design living in a monastic setting

In this living room design, minimalism is assumed, nay, it is the watchword. The clear and raw wood, white stone, coconut on the ground … The living room has everything a modern monastery where the well-being seized whoever comes to venture there. The elements are fluid and speak for themselves: natural and filled with a Zen soul. As a metaphor of life and light, white throne and giant candle in that room … and ended decor.

We like the continuity of wood on the couch and the coffee table. These hardwood blocks seem to be cut and then laid on the floor on a more exotic coconut mat. Add to this decorative white color linen mattresses and cushions, and lounge form a real quiet square. A true invites meditation …


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4 ideas to revamp an old house

Just an idea, an impulse to transform a classic and bland renovation plan in sexy project. Because the renovation is also a matter of daring and creativity. To restore your old home in style, get inspired by our ideas work 7, plant and equipment.

Each house is unique, also the renovation. To design your project and retype your old shack, first identify anything that would make you happy in this house in terms of space, layout, openings to the outside. Imagine your life in the house. Then you will need to reconcile this project with the existing life and personality of the frame. If you can, see an architect, it will enrich your thinking and inform you about the regulations.

Idea # 1: raise the house to create a master suite

In the heart of city, space is limited. Elevate the house is then an interesting solution to make the surface. This new floor offers “views” unpublished on the environment and a brand new insulation, high performance. This is the ideal place to create a beautiful master suite with bedroom, bathroom and dressing room. Your project may also include a balcony or terrace, to enjoy the panorama.

If you are considering an elevation, made an analysis of foundations and supporting walls of the house, by a specialized consulting firm. The issue is whether the carriers may admit the weight of an additional floor without the use of expensive foundations reinforcements. The new module is often made of wood or steel framing, for lightness. Roof side, if the style of the house lends itself to it, you can opt for a rounded, well you optimize the interior space with a contemporary exterior design.

Idea # 2: arrange the kitchen in a veranda to retype the old shack

A bright idea! The kitchen is the heart of the house, we like to get it and spend time there. Install it in a conservatory has many advantages: a generous light, exterior views and large openings on the garden or terrace. The veranda takes all shapes and configurations are possible: kitchen square, rectangular, corridor, round … to fit the style of the house and the location. However, with its large windows, it is not easy to furnish. The kitchen designers recommend to stake everything on a large center island, but must still be large enough.

For good comfort in your new kitchen, heal the breakdown: invest in a powerful hood and check that the porch incorporates aerator.

For lighting, add your vandalise integrated spotlights in the rafters and provide hooks to attach suspensions. Finally, counsel for the maniacs prefer a solid roof veranda. Sunroofs get dirty quickly and can upset in this room where we spend a lot of time.

Idea # 3: Create a game room for children

Renovate a house is involved occupation. We then spent a little less time to children. To get them interested in the adventure, have them participate in the creation of their playroom.

Ideally, it should be installed near the room where you spend the most time: your office, kitchen, living room. It’s good for them and for you. It should also benefit from a beautiful natural light and be painted in light colors. Floor, plan large thick carpet, big cushions, poufs to pounce, stools that serve as seating and small tables. Obviously, it is very important to write on the walls, invest in a large pot of paint blackboard or whiteboard (children can have fun with erasable markers of all colors).

Essential, too, the large mirror to dance to and check its superhero outfit or princess. A large table and seats will sit for DIY, paint, mount models and playing board games with friends.

You need a library corner, a large chair for mom and dad, a place to exhibit drawings and designs and tons of storage space (racks, trays, baskets). If you have several children, create a little personal corner for everyone, with storage, colors and decorative elements chosen by the children.

Idea # 4: Open house on the outside

We like the houses opening on the outside. We take so light, solar gain, scroll see the cycle of hours and seasons. Drill holes in an old house almost never pose technical problem, as it is accompanied by professionals. The question is well put these openings, sizing them correctly and to choose the right equipment, including a wide choice.

Reflection must leave you and your lifestyle. A window here for what? To bring a soft light on your desk? To open the kitchen on a terrace and lunch outside? Too dark to illuminate an entry?

Then you are interested in the panorama that will offer you for this new window. This panorama can influence the shape of the opening: a high window will follow the lines of a remarkable tree, wide window highlight the horizon.

Then comes the reflection on the equipment. To open the family kitchen and access to the terrace, why not choose a folding Bay, accordion, then you will enjoy a maximum opening of the doors without discomfort. For input, it is likely to transoms, the gates of glazed entrance, the bull’s-eye.

Think of the visual rendering of your bay from the inside but also from outside. The bay must be in harmony with the style and colors of the home and other woodwork. If we pretty well know the different materials that make up a glass and windows, we sometimes forget to look at two elements essential to comfort: the thresholds (they must be ultra-flat) and locks.


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I redo my kitchen

The kitchen is the preferred room for family gatherings. The family kitchen has to be user-friendly and functional. Here are 8 ideas for the remake.

If the living room is for privileged moments of conviviality, the kitchen must inexorably fit your everyday stress and your desires for good times with family. Small or large, with or without small child, recomposed or full of teenagers, each home has its peculiarities. It is essential to take into account to redo your kitchen so that it is never again cause concerning. Here are eight inspiring family kitchens. Draw in each good ideas and get inspired …

1. A family kitchen with a dining area not far

Side furnishings: kitchen and dining area are separated visually here while staying nearby. One can easily imagine the children playing or moving to do their duty in this first part of the room without disturbing their parents in the kitchen. The stools installed before the work plan allow to approach to discuss without disturbing. Note the preponderance of wall units where we can accommodate all utensils and products to let distant children.

The decor: A wide post here separates the work plan of the kitchen bar and dining area. Coated with a magnetic paint, it can expose children drawings. On the long wall mounted shelves, small toys and books were arranged. Useful to fill the time to prepare the meal.

2. A small, open family kitchen

Side furnishings: Glued to the work plan, the dining table can accommodate a couple and two children. Here we find the pleasure of eating directly into the kitchen. Friendly and practical to avoid round trips when children claim the dessert or spill their drinks!

The decor: We love this fruit furniture of china and recycling. Special mention to the chalkboard. Children can draw it, will do their duty or note the shopping list pending the meal.

3. A friendly kitchen for the whole family

Side furnishings: In the kitchen of the farmhouse, the key piece is the central island whose MDF cabinet is encasedin steel plates. Around, the whole family can settle comfortably to eat and share a friendly moment. We already imagine the children do their homework, discussions between parents and teens, …

The decor: Wishing to regain some of the original wall, the owners have installed a large niche above the sink. A mix of old and contemporary with polished concrete floor, stools … which charms us.

4. A fully integrated family kitchen to the living space

Side furnishings: U Arranged around the dining table, the kitchen here is a real friendly place for the whole family. Children can trudge quietly under the watchful eye of parents.

The decor: The kitchen dresses in satin lacquer doors and a work plan in brushed black granite. In the center, the piano brings rhythm and style to this contemporary kitchen. Authentic and functional, it promises sweet family moments with ease.

5. A sliding door to open and close the family kitchen

Side furnishings: When the whole family is present, it is not always easy to isolate or keep a little quiet. If the open parts increases the sympathy capital of an interior, it is however necessary to provide a means to close to find a little serenity. This is exactly the role offered by this sliding door for partitioning the family kitchen from the rest of the house. The best: the transparent side to protect themselves from the noise but retain the view of children.

The decor: The bright white lacquered furniture respond to pure white ceramic tabletop and create interesting reflections games. The fish net motif of chair backs echoes the design of the glass doors and metal laser-cut lace. The terrazzo floor is inlaid with bursts of green glass bottle and gold.

6. A kitchen in length to accommodate the whole family

Side furnishings: In length, this kitchen can accommodate a large table to get the family together. The space for cooking is preserved from prying eyes while being open to the workpiece, allowing cooks to prepare meals quietly without being away from their loved ones. One can easily imagine the installation of a barrier to prevent the little ones from approaching the furnaces.

The decor: beech worktop custom designed and positioned on a platform that maintains a dominant position in the rest of the room. The walls, a yellow striking define the kitchen area and house a field discrete pantry and cupboards.

7. Small, open or closed family kitchen on the dining room

Side furnishings: Again, the small kitchen can be separated by sliding walls to individual desires. The owner likes the “open day” aspect that offers perspectives, lets move the light and lets take a look on the kids while she cooks. In the evening she prefers the closed position for more intimate dinners. The volume is here optimized by creating, on either side of the original alcove storage cupboards that extend up to the ceiling.

The decor: We love the contrast between modernity, the immaculate white of the kitchen, and the furniture in the dining room more raw and warm.

8. A contemporary home cooking

Side furnishings: large enough to accommodate the family meal, the kitchen opens onto the garden by avoiding the isolation effect. The high storage are numerous, useful to slide all you want away from the reach of little ones.

The decor: Clear, almost classic, this kitchen placing on the materials and chairs to stand out.


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Best type of metal detectors.

To let you practice your hobby, your passion or your profession, we will present the best metal detector you need the most. The goal is to help you find an ideal device for you. Many criteria can be considered for you to have the best metal detector for this activity in prospecting.

Types of metal detector

You’ll find it in the section of detectors entry level metals if you are a beginner and you want to limit your budget for this activity. If you are an experienced prospector and you are looking for a new machine for your searches without breaking the bank; the metal detectors in the midrange section will allow you to support yourself. Finally, if you’re a part of prospectors or seasoned experts in the world of detection, I recommend you look at the top section of detectors metals portfolio to find a machine to meet your ambitions.

You can prospect for various reasons. Some seek gold coins, nuggets currencies or native gold, others simply want to find a silver jewelry, a bracelet, a ring, a watch or knife lost on a walk, but many find currencies that can sometimes have sentimental value or a really high rating in numismatics. Others dream of a treasure buried for centuries, some just want to get some fresh air or enjoy a stroll to clean our floors … Some even roam the beaches in summer to pick up a few pieces of jewelry or coins left behind by vacationers. In summer, it is not rare to see the detectors cross the sand, and be sure that this is no coincidence. It is not uncommon for these scavengers to pick a few grams of gold or silver and also some euro which is enough to pay the extra batteries and even often enough to be a small restaurant on weekends. (more…)